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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Give * away & Excerpt, 4.5 Stars for Grey's Lady & Interview: For The Love of Reading

Today I am being guest hosted on "For The Love of Reading" by Niina Cord. Please stop by and check it out. Once you've read it, come here and post something about me or Grey's Lady that you could only know from the interview and you'll be entered to win an E-copy of Grey's Lady. I'll draw a winner on Tuesday at 12:00AM.

Click here to read the review/interview:


  1. Hi, Natasha.
    Here I am again, trying to win your book! Niina wrote about how you don't go into a lot of detail about what the world is like in the 1800s and that you dive into the story without this extranneous information.
    This was an important observation for me to know about because I don't like it when authors spend a lot of time setting the historical scene. It's actually one of the reasons I shy away from historical romances, particularly books set in America. Like Niina, I get the picture once the author tells me the time period.
    I finally had time to read chapter one and thoroughly enjoyed it. If I don't win this book soon...well..I'll be very disappointed because my book purchasing is on hold for right now until my book buying budget is replenished. And it's not even the holidays that have put me in the "no book purchases for now" mode. This girl needed some new winter clothes! Plain and simple.
    I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year!
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  2. Hi Natasha,
    I enjoyed the interview and the long excerpt you posted. I love reading the back story of both characters that they both suffered isolation and emotional neglect in childhood.... I am always curious about why people are like they are.
    I also love you are a historian and like reading diaries, biographies, and letters. History is boring to me, but I love historical romances. I really learn a lot about that time period and the way things were then.
    I would love to get all three of your books in this series. The more I read the more I want to get them. I love the characters they are so intriguing. christina_92 at

  3. During the interview, you were drinking a cream soda and listening to music. Also you had sweet potatoes and fish for dinner. (yeah, my stomach is writing this!)

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  4. Hi Natasha, I went ahead and bought this book so no longer need to be in the giveaway.
    Thanks Christy

  5. Hello everyone,

    Wow, thanks very much for taking the time to read the review and chapter and to comment. It means a lot.

    The winner of this contest is MJB. Congratulations! :)


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