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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Bloghop Grandprize ~ A Kindle Fire

The New Year Blog Hop!

Come visit us on Jan 4th! Over 60 authors and reviews are going to talk about their favorite New Year Memory! What does that mean for you? Well we are giving away gift cards, books, and other swag goodies throughout the day! Each author will chose their own winner - so that means over 50 winners! And you can win on multiple pages!

And the best thing? We have TWO Grand prizes.

One being a Kindle Fire to a lucky winner!
Our second grand prize is a $80 Amazon GC!

On each of the 65 pages, make a comment and be entered to win 65 times. Comment at each of the blogs. 1 comment per person per page.

Two winners will be chosen via

The subject of this blog hop is favorite New Year's Memories. My favorite New Year's memories are all about sharing New Year's Eve with my best female friend and her family. We liked to order pizza or make prime rib and we would play board games---like Trival Pursuit and always win against the guys. These were the best times.

To enter here for the grand prize, please make a comment. You probably already told your favorite New Year's memory elsewhere in the Blog Hop so just tell me Happy New Year's or share what your favorite Christmas present this year was. Mine was a set of dark red flannel sheets. They are so cheerful, cozy and soft.

I am still celebrating my new release, the sequel to Grey's Lady which is titled White Lace and Promises.

To share my celebration with readers I am holding a Giveaway in this blog hop: Three randomly chosen commenters will recieve their choice of an e-copy of Waltz of Seduction or Grey's Lady. Fill out Rafflecpoter for my contest.

You must be 18 years of age or older and have reached the age of majority in your country/state of residence to enter. This giveaway is void where prohibited by law. If your name is chosen, you will have 72 hours to get in touch with me or I will draw another name. Good Luck!  

Book two in the Carte Blanche Series

Beth and Grey’s passionate battle of wills continues...

New York Merchant Prince Grey Sexton loves the audacious, spirited young temptress who seduced him in a Philadelphia bookseller’s and made passionate love to him in his carriage. Her fiery nature broke through his cold self-protection. But in a time of war and trade disruption, he cannot allow himself to be distracted. He vows to put business above all else in his life, including his bride.

Shocked and hurt by Grey's distance, Beth wonders whether he truly returns the burning love she feels for him. Beth demands that Grey prove he can truly change once and for all or else she will not start a family with him. But will the dark, sensual secrets she yet keeps repel this arrogant, self-controlled gentleman she has married?

Reader warning: Sequel to Grey's Lady, best read as part of a series, contains scenes of anal sex.
Available from Total-e-Bound in formats compatible with all current e-readers, including Kindle and Nook. Able to send direct to Kindle. To purchase click here:

Click Banner to Read the First Chapter of White Lace and Promises:
By clicking the link below in this post, you affirm that you are 18 or older and have reached the age of majority in your country of residence. If you are not 18 or older, don't click.

Excerpt: Want to Read How Beth and Grey Got Started? Read the First Chapter of Grey’s Lady:


  Want to Read How Beth and Grey Got Started? Click Banner Below to Read the First Chapter of Grey's Lady:
By clicking the link below, you affirm that you are 18 or older and have reached the age of majority in your country of residence. If you are not 18 or older, don't click:
To Read The First Chapter of Grey's Lady, Click on Banner Below. For 18 and over ONLY.

 The Carte Blanche Series  
Powerful gentlemen and their seductive mistresses.
Unconventional relationships with fairy tale endings playing out against the dramatic settings of New York City and Philadelphia in the early years of the Republic.

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  1. I usually recognize their covers but I missed that these books are from TEB. Will have to go check them out.
    linze_e at

  2. Watching the little ones stay up to ring in the New Year has always been my favorite.


  3. Happy New Year! Watching great movies and eating good treats is my favorite part of New Year's eve.

    We don't exchange presents any more, but I bought my sister a surprise potato masher. .94 at Walmart ;-), but she really needed one. And isn't it the thought that counts? Hee hee hee

  4. Not one of my favorites but definitely one of the funniest I got this year is a Shake Weight from my sister considering I also got a good amount of chocolate and books to read! I can sit and shake as I read :)

    DragonStar1974 )AT(

  5. Your books look lovely :) Happy new year!

    mihoxli at gmail dot com

  6. Good luck everyone! richnkathy718 (at) msn (dot) com

  7. Happy New year sounds like ya'll had a great time!

  8. The picture of the hot guy on the left of your page has me drooling.. *drools* Happy New Year!!


  9. Sounds fun! I like to spend NY's at home with family and friends, watching TV and eating yummy snacks until midnight, when we rush outside to welcome the New Year.

  10. Hmmm.. I haven't read this yet. I don't mind to order this book if I am not chosen to be winner. For my New Year memory, my family and i attended my cousin's wedding at the Disneyland World, located in Florida last January 1, 2011 ;) Hope that this day treats you well..


  11. Any new year spent with family or friends is the best. ones without resolutions are just cake.
    wocaworld @

  12. My favorite gift this year was a Kindle Touch! One of the first books I read on it was Grey's Lady & I LOVED it! Looking forward to reading the continuing story!

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a Happy New Year!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  13. Happy New Year!

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  14. My favorite Christmas gift this year was a set of cookbooks and recipe organizer.

    Happy New Year & Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    May God bless,
    Trisha Wilson

  15. Happy New Year Natasha.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  16. Happy New Year!
    My fave gifts this year was gift cards, help support my reading habit.
    No need to enter the contest, I have both books, LOL.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  17. Happy New Year! My favorite Christmas present was a wireless printer.

  18. Happy New Year, Natasha!
    My favorite Christmas gift this year was a money donation for a Kindle that I'm saving for. I know, it doesn't sound like much, but I've been wanting one for SO long, I was just tickled to have some more funds to put towards it!

    Thank you for participating in this hop!

    I hope 2012 brings you every joy and wonderful thing you deserve!

    Gena Robertson

  19. wow i seen the book on other site and love the books and cover thank for the hop
    desi the

  20. Happy New Year! Congrats on your latest release!

  21. Well my birthdays New Years eve so I could tell tons of stories from that! LOL But one of my most memorable would probably have to be last year just for how funny it was. My friend was 9months pregnant. Due any time and she decided that she wanted to play 'Just Dance' on my wii. So she seriously got into it. It was insane watching her dance with her big belly. I have it on video. Probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. :) Thanks!

  22. Happy New Years! My favorite christmas present was a painting my mother painted for me. It's absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to hang it up!

  23. My favorite Christmas present I got was flannel pjs and furry socks. I'm always cold and these are wonderful.


  24. Happy New Year! My favorite Christmas present was a pair of earrings that were made locally by a glass artisan. They are light weight, gorgeous and I liked knowing that the sale benefited a local business.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    ringpop2010 at gmail dot com

  25. thank you so much for being part of this giveaway!!! Happy New Year!

    yankeedragon4 at gmail dotcom

  26. Y2K was the most memorable for me. I got to spend it with my husband, brothers, father and step mom. We went to a party for New Years eve and went to the Rose Parade for New Years Morning. We got to sit in the stands to watch the parade, got a continental breakfast before the parade, a hot brunch after the parade, and a souvenir of the occasion. It was the best time of all since my brother, father and step mom all lived in Texas and I live in Pasadena, CA. It was my first time going to the parade where I didn't have to camp on the street just to save a place to see the parade. Let me tell you, that's not something you want to do unless you are young. It gets way too cold for these old bones. LOL

    Happy New Year and thanks for the chance to win such a great prize.

    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

  27. Hi! Hope 2012 is your best year yet! I already have both your books. Just stopping by to say hi. This new years was my favorite. My family stayed home and watched movies. We had tons of fun! We ate snacks and toasted the new year. It was great! Thank you for sharing! Happy new year!

  28. My favorite gifts this year were books I wanted. Gotta love them books. Thanks for the giveaway! Gloria

    geschumann at live dot com

  29. A healthy year before and to come is my gift. This is fun. Thanks!
    Toonsgirl1 @

  30. My fav present had to be riding lessons when I was 10- this led to 4 horses and a farm...




  32. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy New Year!

    beckerjo at verizon dot net

  33. My favorite Christmas gift was my Amazon gift cards, which I've almost used up on books for my kindle, but I do love my books!!

  34. Favorite gift? My ereader of course.
    Happy 2012!

  35. Happy New Year ! Best to you in 2012

  36. My favorite NYE memory is the one I spend with my now husband. We went out with my best friend and her (then) husband. It was horrible. They fought the whole night but at one point during all that craziness he leaned over and told me that he loved me.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    areeths at new dot rr dot com

  37. Shooting champagne out of my nose the first time I accidentally tasted it when I was 10! Thanks for being part of the blog hop! Happy New Year!

  38. My favorite New Year's memory is when I was around 7 year's old and my best friend and I stayed up through the New Year all the way up until around 4am. We were the happiest 7 year old's ever! Our parents were too wasted to even notice! lol

  39. My favorite gift was my blackberry Playbook
    Happy New Year


  40. Happy New Year. My best present was seeing my little girl opening her presents and getting the toys that she wanted the most.

  41. *waves* Happy New Year Natasha!

  42. Happy New Year!


  43. happy new year honestly i just hang out at home and wtach horror flicks

    entered ur give away with my facebook name beverly gordon

  44. Thank you so much for taking part in this fun blog hop! Great giveaway and Happy New Year too year!
    Latisha D

  45. Happy New Year!


  46. My Christmas present(and hubby's) was to go to my mother-in-law's and have lasagne for lunch! Mmmmm, apple crisp for desert!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

    thewildtwo @ sbcglobal (dot) net

  47. I think my favorite new years eve memory was being together with friends and my children, watching the "ball fall" on TV and hugging and kissing at midnight.

  48. My best NYE - We had a party for our friends and family. We could see the high school fireworks from our backyard. We all had a great time being together. Almost all the food was gone and the drinks...well there weren't any Those who needed to spend the night found a piece of floor and blankets and we had breakfast the next morning...some not so much LOL

    Great Blog Hop. Hope you will blog at KP sometime.

    Mary Keith

  49. Having fun on the Hop.

    Pamela Jo

  50. My family parties at home with lots of good food and we watch the ball drop in Times Square.

    Thank you for the wonderful contest.

    I hope you have a very prosperous New Year.

    orelukjp0 at gmail dot com


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