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Sunday, April 8, 2012

"wickedly hot"...Grey's Lady receives the "Reviewer's Choice Award" From Two Lips Reviews

An awesome Review for Grey's Lady by Rose of Two Lips Reviews.

Rating 4.5 and was honored with the "Reviewer's Choice Award."

"Grey’s Lady is the wickedly hot first entry in Natasha Blackthorne’s Carte Blanche series. Set in Philadelphia in 1812, when society’s rules dictated that a woman be chaste until marriage, this book focuses on a woman who is quietly determined to own her sexuality and make her own rules. With likeable characters, frank and occasionally bawdy dialogue, Ms. Blackthorne’s book captured my attention from the first page...

I really liked how Ms. Blackthorne developed Beth’s character  –  at first I wasn’t sure I was going to like her but as the story progressed, I realized she is a young woman who is in essence a trailbreaker; she considers herself a man’s equal and while she bows to society by keeping her liaisons discreet, she wants the freedom to explore her sexuality and sexual needs...

At first I wasn’t sure I liked Grey’s character but as the story progressed and Ms. Blackthorne developed his character, I was able to see the man beneath the icy, ruthless, businesslike exterior and realized how much his tragic past shaped the man he’s become..."

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