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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Hero's BlogHop ~ #eroticromance #erotic #erotica

Welcome to "A Hero's Blog Hop" (July 27-31)
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Here's what people are saying about the Earl of Ruel, the hero of my Erotic Regency Romance, A Measured Risk:

Five Stars for A Measured Risk From Romance in Review!
"...Yes, I am hopelessly in love with the Earl of Ruel and I don’t care if he’s a fictional character! So, ladies, read at your own risk and don’t say I didn’t warn you. Experience the elegant, and frequently excessive life of the privileged during this romantic era. This story is a bit different than other Regency Era stories you have probably read. The heat level is high and the story has a bit of a twist that makes it fresh and unique. I still don’t want to leave the world of Lady Cranfield and the Earl of Ruel. I need to move on to my next book on my review list, but honestly, I would rather curl up and read this one all over again!..." Review from Romance in Review

Click here to read the entire review:

Five Stars for A Measured Risk From Salacious Reads!

" knew this man as dominant as he was, was falling in love with this woman..."

Reviewed by Sharonda

"I loved everything about this story, it was so good. But want I loved most was Jon patience with Anne. He was a strong male lead and very dominant, but his patience with her was just…I can’t even explain it. I mean just reading this story, you knew this man as dominant as he was, was falling in love with this woman...

I haven’t been disappointed with a Natasha Blackthorne historical romance as of yet and I don’t think I ever will be. Her writing always draws me in from beginning to end. There always seems to be this power struggle between her characters. But it always a good struggle, you know? Like I said before, these woman are strong and independent in a time when as a woman you’re not supposed to be, you are suppose to depend on the man. And the men, yes..they are strong and dominant, but they also support their women in everything. These men are written with strength and purpose.
Thank you Natasha for helping me love historical romance once again."

Read the entire review here:

"A  Measured Risk is by far my favorite book of Natasha's, although I must admit all of her books have original story plots and extremely exciting sex scenes. A Measured Risk just had a little of everything that I liked and made it into my personal favorites library. 

Lady Cranfield has a bookish, logical, and secretly decadent side that made her quite relatable to me. And Ruel? Can we say YUMM. I can…YUMMMMMMMM. This book has light aspects of BDSM, but Ruel has had these proclivities for quite some time.

He slowly introduces this lovely lady into the wonders of being submissive, and through it, he begins to slowly erase her fears. He loses himself in her and she in him. But reality comes crashing back. Will their new-found love survive it? Of course I’m not going to tell you!! I’d rather you find out for yourself!! I loved the historical aspect mixed with the new-age naughtiness. It made this book a truly decadent treat!!!" ~ Nikki of Close Encounters With The Night Kind:

4.5 Nymphs for A Measured Risk from Literary Nymphs Reviews
“I think the author tread a very fine line and did it beautifully... Ms. Blackthorne did a good job with the period background, while giving a peak into the scandalous part of the Regency time period…I am looking forward to reading more of this series.” ~ Amazon Nymph

Want to read an excerpt? Please scroll down:

Number of pages233
GenreHistorical/ BDSM/ Rubenesque
Book LengthSuper Novel
Erotic RatingTotal-e-burning
eBook FormatePub/HTML/PDF/MSReader(lit)/Mobipocket(prc)
eReaders SupportedAll current eReaders
Send direct to Kindle?Yes
Cover art byPosh Gosh

Yes! You can read it on your Kindle or Nook. :)

By reading any further, you are stating that you are 18 years of age, or over.
If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.
Copyright © Natasha Blackthorne, 2012
All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Total-E-Bound.

Reader Advisory: This book contains anal sex, spanking, light bondage, D/s themes and brief F/F touching. This is a work of historical fiction, it is not meant to be an accurate portrayal of or guide to how people recover from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As a work of historical erotic romance, it is also not intended to portray modern BDSM or D/s lifestyles.

Excerpt from A Measured Risk

“Why did you run away?” His deep voice settled in her belly, rich and warm, like crème brûlée on a cold winter’s night.

“Because I wanted you to follow.” She tried to sound sophisticated and seductive, but her voice choked off on the last word.

Ruel placed his hand on the shelf above her head and blocked her path to the door. His tall, solidly muscled body leaned over her, surrounding her with the sumptuous, sinful scents of tobacco, Scotch whisky and something masculine and undeniably dangerous. A slow, sensual smile stretched his hard mouth.

He appeared different. Softer. More approachable.

At the change, her insides seemed to flip over.

“Well, sweeting, getting us off alone was a very inspired idea.” He touched one of her fallen ringlets. “I am bored to distraction with endless hunting and fencing.”

As he slowly wrapped the curl around two fingers, he brushed her collarbone. Fiery sparks tingled down her spine, so intense that she shivered and her nipples beaded, pressing against her stays. By some instinct she hadn’t even known she possessed, she arched her back, presenting herself for his assessment.

His eyes shone so vividly blue against his bronzed face that they resembled cornflowers. She swallowed tightly and wished for a long drink of claret. This more personal side of him suddenly seemed far more hazardous than his usually fierce exterior.

Well, no matter. There was nothing to fear. She would allow only as much contact as need be to get to know him a little. Since being torn from her lonely yet secure life in Ireland and thrust into society at age sixteen, she’d spent her time allowing people only as near as was comfortable. She was an expert at emotional evasion.
It should be easy to regain her control.

But now, as late afternoon sun rays played over his pale hair, turning it to the colour of winter wheat, all her carefully rehearsed words flew away.

Say something—anything—else he will think you’re a bird-wit.
An intimate smile, one that invited her to play, tugged at his mouth.

“In a situation like this, alone with a gentleman, it’s perfectly normal for a lady to feel some apprehension.” His hushed voice, barely audible above the piano and boisterous singing from down the corridor, accentuated their isolation. He brushed his fingertips over her cheek and his gaze became so piercing that she had to lower her eyes. “She will invariably ask herself if he will try to kiss her.”

She jerked her eyes back to his face. God, he couldn’t mean to—Not yet, surely… Peculiar, heated chills swept over her. She tried to take a step back, but found her arse flush against the bookshelf.
He leaned closer; so close that his Scotch-scented breath tickled her face. “And just in case you are wondering, Lady Cranfield—the answer is most assuredly yes.”

She should demand that he put his arm down so she could pass by and leave. She really should. But she couldn’t stop looking at his hard mouth and wondering what it would feel like upon hers. He was so close to her, his breath blew on her lips. If she moved but a fraction, she’d be kissing him.

Kissing him.

Dear God. Her breath began to come very fast and short. Her throat went tight with a suppressed moan.

His eyes burnt as brightly as aquamarines. He looked so fierce. If he kissed her, if he dared… Oh God, it would be so harsh. That cruel-looking mouth could express itself no other way.

Excitement rushed through her, sending tingles to every point of her body, even her toes.

But no, he wouldn’t. Not yet.

He kept leaning closer. He didn’t close his eyes. Instead, he seemed to focus all the harder upon her.

Heart pounding and unable to move away, she braced herself for his assault.

His lips brushed hers, barely. A gossamer caress.

He lifted his head.

It was done.


And it hadn’t even begun.

He held her chin, appearing so cool, so unaffected. His kiss had seemed to sear her. An urge to put her fingers to her lips arose in her. She resisted it, for it would give away too much of how she was affected.

Never show your feelings.

He traced his thumb along her lower lip, slowly, deliberately, as he studied her with eyes that now glittered with something powerful and predatory. Heat pooled in her pelvis, low and spreading even lower.

She went weak all over, as if she’d lain in a sunny window seat for too long. Her knees almost buckled. She forced them to lock. To be strong.

It should not have affected her so profoundly. It had just been a peck—not a true kiss at all. William had poured out all of his skill upon her and hadn’t garnered even a tenth of the reaction in her that this man’s peck had.

Ruel traced her jaw line with his fingertips. Unthinkingly, she leaned in to his touch.

“Of course, once he has kissed her, then it’s his turn to wonder…” His voice sounded unnaturally loud to her ears. “How will she respond? Will she withdraw, or can he ignite some hidden fire?”
She sensed that he was toying with her. She’d didn’t understand flirtation—why had she imagined she could carry this ruse off? Was he making advances in order to have a laugh with Francesca and her simpering friends later? Hurt blossomed in her chest. She resented him for that. She ought to feel indignant, superior, uncaring—anything but hurt.

“Please don’t make sport of me.”

She cringed. Was that quavering, pleading voice really hers?

An infinitesimal pause. “Now, why on earth would I do such a thing?” His voice was as smooth as velvet.

“To please your vanity,” she replied, trying to regain her wits.
“Here.” He placed her hand to his chest. The contours of his muscles were hard, powerfully developed. Even more so than she’d expected. His body heat radiated through the satin and, beneath her hand, his heart beat was rapid and strong.

“Is that vanity?” He put a finger under her chin, giving her no choice but to face him. “Is it?” He gentled his grip.

The warmth in his voice settled over her like luscious hot chocolate. Melting her insides to quivering burgoo, rendering her speechless, unable to move.

“My dear, lovely Lady Cranfield, I am going kiss you again.”
Then he touched his mouth to hers, more firmly this time.

Delicious, steady pressure. Her lips trembled and she clutched his lapels. He lifted his head. At the loss, a throaty, pleading moan sounded in her ears. Had it really come from her?

Clearly, now was the time for her to reassert some control over her reactions. To put him at a more comfortable distance.

“Kiss me back.” At the commanding edge in his voice, hot, sweet honey pooled in her belly.

No. Focus.

What had she wanted to ask him? Focus? Dear God, what rubbish. She could scarcely remember her own name, much less anything else. What madness had made her think she could maintain control over him?

He traced her mouth with his tongue. Deliberately; lingeringly. This time she couldn’t hold back a moan. She had grown to dislike it when William kissed her opened mouthed. It had always seemed such an overheated, messy thing. But where was her coldness now? She was burning to know what it would feel like to know Ruel’s full kiss. She had to know—just once—or she would surely die.

Just once. Certainly once wouldn’t hurt.

Tentatively, tremulously, she opened her mouth...

So what happened next? Click the banner below to read the entire first chapter and find out:

To Purchase Now

Here's what people have said about Grey Sexton, the hero of Grey's Lady:

"Grey is a hot and demanding hero. He follows his heart, giving in to the demands of his desire when enflamed by the dance Beth leads him on." of ARe Cafe on February 8th, 2012 (Grey's Lady is an ARe Cafe Recommended Read, click here to read the entire review.)

 "I really enjoyed Grey. He's terse at times, coddling at others, but he's always got a flair with what he does. He's sexy and I couldn't get enough reading about him." Wendi Zwaduk of Romance To Make Your Heart Race.

 "Grey Sexton, the hero—or would you dare call this sexy aristocrat a hero?—was the most controlling, out-of-control, gorgeously outrageous package of masculine arrogance I ever wanted to bed...Without revealing plot, I have to at least gush about the humor in Grey Sexton’s struggle to corral and master this little feisty tease of a girl into being his well-paid—very well compensated—mistress is adorable and my heart hurt for his frustration.

You’ll have to read it for yourself to see if our handsome, sexy man will succeed in his conquest to dominate beautiful Beth. Or will the tables turn on his good-looking ass?" Miz Carol Zampa of Miz Love and Crew Loves Books.  

"Grey, while a little overbearing and autocratic at times, managed to be man enough to be conciliatory when it mattered. The secretive nature of their meetings added even more spice to their liaisons, and they were spicy as it was." Chris of Night Owl Reviews

"The fire between this two burns bright and the sex scenes in this book are absolutely intense. I kept expecting my fingers to be scorched by the pages. Not only was this book incredibly erotic, it also was interestingly enough romantic. So if you like your historical romances with a little bit more sizzle than sweetness, this is the book for you. My only regret was that it wasn’t longer! I remember finishing it up and going noooo! This one’s a page turner ladies and definitely leaves you wanting to be Grey’s Lady!!!!" Nikki of Close Encounters With The Night Kind

Excerpt from Grey's Lady:
Run, just run and forget this insanity.

With her eyes on the stairs, she picked up her skirts. However, it was too late—the sound of boots on the hardwood floor reached her straining ears. Once again, her heartbeat galloped away from her. Oh, she was a damned fool. Tricked by lust into thinking this was safe. Snared in her passions like a senseless hare. Yet pride demanded she stand to face him, not flee like some silly girl.
Anyhow, it was her decision to be here. She was in control and she’d stay in control, of both herself and the situation. That was what mattered most.
The sound of boots stopped and her mouth dried. A tingling rush swept through her stomach, but whether from anxiety or anticipation, she didn’t know. She turned and saw the tall, dark shadow looming over her. Cool air rushed over her sweat-damp face as her black widow’s veil was lifted away, leaving a delicious sort of weakness in its wake. Grey’s eyes were luminous silver, reflecting the starlight of her dreams and taking her breath away.  
The scent of his shaving soap, a nuanced blend of citrus and spice with an underlying note of musk, mingled with that of crisp, fresh linen. The scent evoked a sense of solace, as if she’d been living for nothing else since they’d parted. As if there were some kind of magical security to be found with him alone.
Yet she knew so little about him, except that he was leagues above her. She let her gaze roam over his tall, hard-muscled body. His cravat glowed blindingly white against the dark blue of his jacket, so stiffly starched, so perfectly tied it appeared carved from marble. The thrust of his clean-shaven jaw seemed almost ruthlessly arrogant. Heavens, he exuded wealth and power and privilege from every pore. And he consorted with those hollow souls in the dining hall. Was his just as hollow?
She felt as though she were Pandora with her hand on the lid of the box. Once again, her hands twitched to pick up her skirts and her feet burnt to run.
"Thank God it’s you, else I expect I’d have had my face soundly slapped by now." His deep voice resonated in her belly.  
Neither of them laughed. The tension, sharp like a knife’s tip held at her throat, rendered her speechless.  
"I am sorry they directed you to the dining hall. Most indelicate. Someone should have come and fetched me instead."

Inwardly, she shuddered at the memory of so many curious male eyes upon her veiled person. "It’s no matter now."
"Are you hungry?" he asked, his tone front-parlour-polite.
"No." She couldn’t possibly eat. She’d been pent up with desire like a caged cat for two weeks. Now, so close to being beneath him again, she could barely keep herself from swooning from the excitement.
"You know, for a moment there, I thought you were about to bolt."
"No, never."

"That’s a relief." He laughed without smiling and pressed something into her hand—a key. He whispered his room number. "Go up. I’ll follow shortly."
 "I haven’t much time."
"Very shortly." The edgy promise in his voice sent a bolt of desire twisting through her belly. Her knees melted to jelly and she wobbled.
"Careful." His strong hands gripped her shoulders, steadying her, his face showing none of the emotion pounding through her own body. How could he remain so unaffected?
Impulse seized her and she caught hold of his lapels. "Kiss me."
He leaned closer. Heavens, anyone could come along and catch them.
Oh the risk… But her breath quickened and her nipples stiffened, straining against her stays. She closed her eyes, tilted her head up. Waited.
And waited.
"How many men since me?" He laid his large hand at the base of her throat and a thrill went chasing through her. "Look me in the eye."
Her lids fluttered open and his gaze pierced into her with such intensity she gasped. "It has only been two weeks."

"Answer me, Beth."
Another thrill trembled through her. Fear or anticipation? She couldn’t say. "None."
Still holding her throat, he studied her for several long moments. She set her jaw, refusing to waver under his scrutiny.
He bent and his mouth pressed hers, hard and hasty. Passion spiralled, took her soaring to the stars. Lassitude weakened her and wetness seeped between her legs. He lifted his head. She tightened her hands on his lapels, trying to pull him back. He resisted, his eyes trained on her like a stag with a doe.
Kiss me. Just kiss me, you arrogant jackanapes.
"Now, go." He released her, set her veil back in place and left her there.
She gaped at his departing back, watching how he moved, so tall and proud. Over-proud. Did he have any idea what a rarefied class he found himself in? She didn’t go around asking just any man to kiss her. She had very high standards and she shared herself with only a select few. She was bestowing quite an honour on him and yet he reacted as if she were the one who ought to be grateful. And to add insult to injury, he hadn’t even kissed her. Not truly.

What people are saying about Alexander Dalton, the hero of Alex's Angel:

"Alexander Dalton is wealthy and not stingy with his money. His women are always treated well, and he anticipates Emily will be no different. But from the very start everything about her is different, and she starts to slip under his façade. Convinced he is damaged and unable to have a healthy normal relationship with a woman he tries to drive her away, while holding onto her with all his might." Chris of Night Owl Reviews. 

" heart goes out to Alex in this one. He has been through so much and all he needs is a little bit of love *sigh*. I would of been happy to give him it..." Satin Sue of Satin's Bookish Corner.

"I will never discount the waltz again; Lord Lockhart can teach me to dance anytime he wants. This short read left me wanting more of everything..." Rayna of Nocturne Romance Reads


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