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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fall in Love ~ #BlogHop ~ Erotic Romance, For 18+ Only

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I am pleased to announce that Alex's Angel is now in print as Carte Blanche Volume Two and it is available at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

Alex’s Angel is different from my other published stories. It has a slower start. Part of the reason for this is that the heroine and hero are introduced before they meet each other. I wanted readers to know Emily and her motivation for getting her book published. I felt it was important to know for the reader to be able to understand her actions and beliefs. She really believes her art and her book could save the mariners who were being held in captivity in Algeria.

There is an additional reason for a slower start. Alex is not sexually or romantically attracted to Emily when he first sees her. She’s just not his type. She’s too young, too thin. She is not a classic beauty. She is not elegant or sophisticated. These are all the things that Alex values in his women.
But she is very intense, willful and passionate about her beliefs. It is her force of personality that holds his attention and makes it hard for him to simply turn away from her.
I could have started the story right before he begins to feel attracted to her but I wanted the reader to know their story from the very first moment he set eyes on her. I felt something would have been lost without this.

What do you think about stories with a slower start and a little wait before the fireworks begin? Stories that introduce the hero and heroine before they meet and have a slight wait to get to the sexy bits?

Alex's Angel is the story of an idealistic nineteen year old crusader. She uses her artist's vision and skills to write a book that she believes will change the hearts of a nation. She knows her book will save the lives of American mariners held for years forgotten in barbaric captivity in Algeria. She will do anything to see her book in print.

However, she has no idea that the issue of the Barbary Captives is rife with political implications. There are reasons why printers won't publish her book. After repeated rejections, she knows she needs a benefactor, someone who will pay the cost of getting her book printed.

In the course of her mission, she meets handsome and charming yet enigmatic Alexander Dalton, the second most wealthy gentleman in Federalist Philadelphia. His carnal appeal and financial power over her threatens to knock her off her determined course. Will his dark secrets engulf her and extinguish her inner light. Or can she find a way to love and believe in a flawed man and yet still be true to her cause?

By the way, even though there is a lot of history in this story, it is still very much an erotic romance. Night Owl Reviews described it as "Very erotic with the blistering chemistry..." It does not follow a traditional romance plot. The heroine is unconventional.

Excerpt One From: Alex's Angel:

By reading any further, you are stating that you are 18 years of age, or over.
If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.
Copyright © Natasha Blackthorne, 2012
All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Total-E-Bound.

Philadelphia, PA

August 1793


A quarter to two in the afternoon. With her stomach knotting, Emily Eliot tore her eyes from the clock. She’d have to hurry, else Grandmother would get a megrim over her being out for longer than it took to walk to the baker’s and back. She hated making Grandmother ill.
Emily’s heart echoed the rhythm of the printing presses as she drew up her courage. She took a deep breath and approached the man who was leaning so lazily against the worn walnut desk.
"Good afternoon, Mr Sawyer. I’d like to discuss my book again."
He blinked several times, then grinned. He wasn’t too old or too ugly, but his reptilian smile repulsed her to the very pit of her soul. "Now, sweeting, I have explained it repeatedly—if you’d only be a little more agreeable with me, I’d look a little more favourably on this book of yours."
Her mouth fell open. What—had he just made an improper suggestion? After she had so patiently explained the last time that she was uninterested in—in… Well, in what he was interested in? He’d seemed like such a rational person. Why must he be so insensitive?
She gaped at him.
He peeled an orange with his ink-stained fingers, filling the air with a sharp citrus scent that mingled with the odours of paper dust and fresh ink. All the time he leered at her. Leered at her while she was here to see him on a matter of such importance.
Crawling sensations tingled over her skin and she resisted the urge to shiver openly. She still wasn’t used to dealing with men on her own and certainly not men who regarded her so salaciously. But for the sake of her mission, she’d have to press on. She wiped her sweating, shaking hands on her skirts and took a step closer.
"Mr Sawyer, please don’t tease me. You said I might return in two months and ask if you had changed your mind about printing my book."
He lifted his sandy brows as he paused with an orange segment held to his red, overripe lips. "I believe that what I said was for you to wait at least two months before coming to pester me again.”
Pester him? Pester him? How could he suggest that her work was so insignificant? It was only the most pressing issue facing the United States at the moment. Her book was a collection of stories telling the tales of some of the mariners from the Dauphin, a ship out of Philadelphia that had been captured by the Barbary Pirates in 1785.
She’d had to wait so long already, for accomplishing this work had been no small feat under the watchful gaze of her grandmother. She owed a great debt to Mr Thomas Jefferson, the Secretary of State, who had answered her very first enquiry and generously supplied the names and addresses of the mariners’ relatives. Over the past two and a half years, through letters, she’d managed to interview the families of the captured men. She had also done detailed sketches of them, from their family’s descriptions. But gathering the information like that had taken so much time. More time than she could have imagined when she’d embarked on her course.
Now it was taking every ounce of faith she possessed to persevere with trying to get her work distributed to the populace. All she lived for was getting her book printed, but she’d never imagined it would be like this. She’d been sure that the need for her work would ensure its rapid publication. Yet to her vast shock, she’d been rejected by every printer she’d contacted. "Well, Mr Sawyer, it is very hard to remain patient when I know that my book will bring a personal perspective that the people of the United States will no longer be able to ignore."
He stared back at her silently, blinking a few times. Had he even heard her? Didn’t he know it was rude to refuse to answer? Goodness. Writing letters had been a lot easier than facing printers in their shops. She straightened her spine.
"Mr Sawyer, how could anyone with any human feeling remain passive while our countrymen are still held in Algiers, in shameful slavery?" She couldn’t help letting some of her disapprobation leach into her tone. "It has been almost a decade and still our country refuses to act."
"Indeed, it is terrible business what those Barbary pirates have done, but our country is young and money is limited." He rolled his shoulders up and tilted his head to the side.
Then he relaxed. "Without a navy and without large sums to pay their ransoms, I just don’t see what more can be done."
He popped a piece of orange into his mouth and chewed it slowly.
She resisted the urge to shake her head. Initially, he had seemed like a kind person. How could he just stand there and say those things? Didn’t he care about what his countrymen were going through? Apparently not. Unfortunately, in her experience, his apathy wasn’t atypical. Her shoulders sagged. It was so hard to see what needed to be done so clearly and yet to have others be so blind and deaf to her message. But she couldn’t give up.
Clearly she’d have to try harder.
"Please, Mr Sawyer, you must listen." The words rushed past her lips, their urgency pressing hard on her. She took a deep breath and made a concentrated effort to slow down. "The long-term lack of concern over this issue is what has allowed those men captured in eighty-four to be held for all these years. My book would really help people to see this issue in a more personal light. People need to see those men as fellow citizens, with families who love and need them—not just as names on a list."
"Young lady, I’ve told you repeatedly what I need. The public wants to read stories of captivity, torture, ravishment, a little allusion to sexual depravity…heaving bosoms." Mr Sawyer’s gaze dropped to her bodice. "Though for myself, I prefer more tender fruits." His leer was unmistakable.
She gasped and fought a sudden wave of dizziness. Every time she’d come here, he had pushed the bounds of decency a little more. However, no man had ever spoken to her so bluntly as he had just done. For one thing, they would never have dared with her formidable, sharp-tongued grandmother always close by. But here, today, Emily was alone and she’d have to fend for herself. She crossed her arms over her small breasts and squared her shoulders.
"We could discuss a compromise."
"A compromise?" she asked warily.
"Aye, a compromise." He pushed away from his desk and walked towards her.

The predatory glint in his gaze sent gooseflesh rising over her neck. She quickly retreated several steps, until her back hit the wall.

"If you would agree to meet with me tonight, for a late supper, I would gladly print your little stories in my bi-weekly gazette."

From the look blazing in his beady, lead-grey eyes, she had no doubt what he meant and it had nothing to do with eating supper. That look was so intense, it ought to have frightened her, for no man had ever looked at her with such open lust. But instead, anger burnt through her. This vile man was proving everything Grandmother said about the world and its dangers correct. She hated him for that. However disgraceful a feeling it was, she couldn’t help but resent Grandmother’s protective, fearful ways. She didn’t want Grandmother to be right.

Dear heavens, had she really been stupid enough to come here today and expect to be taken seriously? But, then again, no other printer in Philadelphia would even give her the time of day. She just

had to get her book printed. She had to do it for sake of the men still suffering in foreign captivity. It was her life’s mission.

"Well?" Mr Sawyer’s voice broke into her thoughts.

Taken unawares, she wasn’t quick enough to stop him from taking her hand into his ink-stained, hot, dry one. She suppressed a shudder of revulsion and slipped it out of his grasp.

Yet hope flared in her breast—it wouldn’t allow her to let go of the possibility that she’d misunderstood. Oh, fancy chance that she could ever slip out past Grandmother for such a late night meeting. The very thought of trying sent quavers through her limbs. But she’d have to do what she’d have to do to get her book printed. The captives were counting on her.

"You’d really print my book, if I—I went to supper with you?" Her voice shook so hard she could barely get the words out.

"Well, that’s where the compromise comes in. As far as printing a book with the woodcuts needed to reproduce your illustrations—as good as they are—I’d need to see an interest from the public for more of your work. It’s just too expensive of an investment. I will run your little stories as a series, one man‘s story every two weeks."

Her mouth fell open and for a moment her brain wouldn’t function. Then the full outrage of his suggestion hit her. "B—but my work without the illustrations will lose its

impact! It’s just not the same at all! Without the faces to put to the names, the work seems more distant, less real. I just can’t agree to publishing anything less than the whole work as I intended it."

"Then we remain at an impasse. If you change your mind, come back and see me. Otherwise, I am a very busy man and, to put it bluntly, you’re wasting my time."

Emily left the printer’s shop, as she always did, in a state of shock. How could anyone with any sense of patriotism or compassion not jump at the chance to bring fresh sympathy to the issue of the Americans still languishing in Barbary?

Her father had been one of the mariners on board the

Maria of Boston. He had been taken into captivity and had eventually died of the plague. There would be no chance now for his freedom, but there still was a chance for the other men. She’d do whatever she had to in order to see that they got that chance. But she’d never, ever see her work chopped up piecemeal or slanted to appeal to base tastes.

It must be very hard for a man like Mr Sawyer to live with his own conscience. His sleep must be haunted with all manner of nightmares. Well, she had no time to waste on pity for that. The nation needed her work, to wake it up—to save its very soul. And small, short-sighted minds like Mr Sawyer’s were keeping it from being printed.

She’d exhausted every avenue she could think of—what else could she possibly do?

Chapter One

Philadelphia, PA

November 1793

Warm cider wetted Alex’s parched tongue, sweet and spicy and American. It did little to quell the restlessness that crackled along his nerves like lightning along a cast iron fence. He shifted in his chair and flexed his shoulders.

He’d come out tonight looking for something. He wasn’t quite sure what. In the past, more often than not, that something had been quim. But tonight he longed for something else. Something more dangerous. Dangerous quim, perhaps?

He surveyed the smoke-filled public room of the Blue Duck tavern, letting his gaze flicker over each woman present. The redhead had breasts like firm, ripe melons that threatened to explode from her tight, low-cut gown. Auburn hair fascinated him—however, these curling locks shone too brassy bright, as if she’d been too zealous with henna. And she was wearing enough paint to cover the broadside of a barn. He moved on to the blonde in the dark blue velvet with the too-round face. The raven-haired wench with eyes that were too closely spaced. The tall, chestnut-haired girl…his eyes lingered on her. Well, now, she was pretty enough, but her giggles echoed on the air, a wholly irritating sound, and her large, blue eyes looked vacant.

He couldn’t abide a dull woman.

All right, he’d be the last person to deny it. His standards were high. Not out of any particular desire to discriminate, but simply because beauty and perfection proved so unfailingly intoxicating, like opiates but without the dry mouth and aftertaste.

Indulgence in sex and sensuality was the only way besides travel where he could lose himself enough to find peace. And for a man bent on losing himself in sin, there could be no better place in Philadelphia to seek it than Hell City. But tonight it appeared as if every comely wench had abandoned the city. With an inward sigh, he turned to face the bar again and quaffed the remainder of his cider. Whatever he was looking for, he wasn’t finding it...
To read the entire first chapter, click on the banner below: 

What People Are Saying About Alex's Angel:

Review From Miz Love Loves Books
Reviewed by Miz Love
"Ms Blackthorne’s attention to detail, right down to how she uses certain words and phrases, pleased me. To know she has so obviously researched and studied made me feel that she values giving her readers a close-to-exact representation of the era as she can. Superb images, wonderful emotions stirred...
The characters are well-rounded, very well explored, and their emotions were displayed so that I never had to wonder how they were feeling. Ms Blackthorne covered all her bases, and again I was grateful. This is a very emotion-laden tale—perfectly so—where I was drawn in, sucked under, and wandered through that time and their lives as though I belonged there and was one of them. The characters became important to me, were my friends...Best Bits: The whole damn book. Every single lush word, scene, character and emotion they inspired."

Review From My Book Addiction Reviews
Reviewed by AprilR
"ALEX’S ANGEL by Natasha Blackthorne is an exciting erotic historical romance set in 1793 Philadelphia, PA...This is an emotional read from the first page to the last page...This author knows how to write an erotic historical romance that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The characters will capture your heart,as you watch them grow. A must read! I loved this story. If you enjoy historicals,Georgian era,Americana,hot passion,with a twist then Alex’s Angel is the story for you."

Review From Salacious Reads
Reviewed by Sharonda
"I'm becoming a steadfast fan of Natasha Blackthorne. She writes the most heated, sexually charged historical novels that I've read. And its not just the sex in these stories that keeps me coming back, but its also her writing. Its just fabulous, it's the main reason why I'll keep reading her books. She's taking women from a period where you were actually only seen and not heard and she's empowering them...
These women are strong mentally, physically and sexually and they are taking control of their sometimes dire situations. But lets not forget the men in these stories. They are strong men, A man's man. Men who expects a lady to act as a lady should, but still remain the strong woman she is...All and all, another awesome read. I LOVED it. Please pick this one up and any other book in the Carter Blanche series, you will not regret it and you will definitely be hooked."

Review From Night Owl Romance
Reviewed by Chris
"Very erotic with the blistering chemistry between them and Emily’s lack of disgust at her own sexuality; she actually embraced it and enjoyed improving upon it with Alex’s teachings. Alex’s perception of his unworthiness was understood but not agreed upon, and Emily’s fearless actions finally convinced him. I happily ended the book anticipating a charmed life for them together with a touch of envy. A good read."

Review From Close Encounters with the Night Kind
Reviewed by Nikki
"It's no secret that I truly enjoy Natasha's works. She has the unique talent of coming up with new and inventive stories. Alex's Angel was no exception...This is another great addition to add to Natasha's Carte Blanche Series!!! I am EAGERLY anticipating A Measured Risk. Hats off to Natasha for continuously entertaining us with her amazingly unusual stories!!"

Review From Queentutt's World of Escapsim
Reviewed by Ronda
"Natasha Blackthorne has created another awesome story showing the vigorous mind set of how the historical views of Jacobism, republicanism, and democraticism were manipulated in the times of Thomas Jefferson, how money influenced everything, and how a woman has an even harder time to gain any status within the community. Adding some sexual flare to the story makes this one hot and sizzling read."

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I am giving away one ecopy of any of my epublished works.

To enter, please make a comment to this post. What you think about crusading women. Who is your favorite female crusader for a cause? (or you can just say hello)

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