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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5 Stars For HER MYSTERY DUKE ~ #Erotic Regency, #BDSM Lite, #BBW

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share a new review for HER MYSTERY DUKE from Carin at My Reading Obesession

"Her Mystery Duke is a fantastic historical romance, it is also an outstanding erotic romance together they are one of the better books out so far this year...

David is everything you expect from a Regency era Duke but so much more, he is aloof and demanding at the same time very protective and understanding. By allowing the characters pasts to be unfolded throughout the story we are drawn deeper into them and understand there motivations and fears...

We are treated to many extremely seductive sensual scenes throughout the book as we follow the relationship, political intrigue, class struggles as well as the forming of a unique bond between David and Jeanne..."

To read the entire review, please click here. 

Click cover to read blurb and excerpt

To purchase HER MYSTERY DUKE at Amazon USA, click here.

Click here for Amazon UK.

Click here for All Romance E-Books (ARe).


GREY'S LADY and A MEASURED RISK are also still on sale at All Romance E-books for .99.

A MEASURED RISK is still on sale at Amazon for .99 and Amazon UK for .77.

It can also be purchased directly from the publisher, Total-e-Bound for $1.00, click here.

These ebooks are on sale for a limited time. I don't know when the sale will end, so if you're of a mind to purchase them at the discount, hurry. :)

A MEASURED RISK: Erotic Regency, Light BDSM, Rubenesque/BBW, Alpha Male.

To read the First Chapter, click the banner below:

To Read The First Chapter of Grey's Lady, Click on Banner Below. For 18 and over ONLY.

To Read The First Chapter of Grey's Lady, Click on Banner Below. For 18 and over ONLY.

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  1. Congrats, Natasha!
    I picked it up last week, now I just have to make time to read it. :)
    Can't wait!


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