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Thursday, May 16, 2013

5 Stars: "Classy, very well written tale brings you back in time." #erotica #BDSM #BBW

Hello Everyone,

Thank Goodness the weekend is almost here. What a week this has been. Just a very long and hard string of days lately. How did your week go?

One bright spot for me this week was a new five star review from Let's Get Romantical. Here's a little of what Dawn had to say:

"This classy, very well written tale brings you back in time.

Its sexy, sensual and erotic...

I enjoyed the characters in this book. These 2 characters had chemistry. They were complete opposites in society but that didn’t stop them. The storyline was very engaging it had me glued to my kindle.

I know I can depend on Natasha to always deliver a unique refreshing tale that has lots of passion, lust and romance.

This book is a must read, you will NOT be disappointed.

To read the entire review, please click here.

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What are other people saying about HER MYSTERY DUKE?

"Her Mystery Duke, a well-crafted novel brimming with historical detail and entertaining and memorable characters, draws the reader into another stunning and charismatic erotic romance by Natasha Blackthorne.

Jeanne Darling, an aspiring writer and alone since her father’s death, fears her only worth is as a man’s plaything. David Somerville, a delicious alpha male, is a powerful Duke who falls for the much younger Jeanne. Their sexual chemistry is scorching hot from their first intimate encounter, which includes light bondage elements, and sets the tone for their future sexual liaisons...

Blackthorne’s skillful character growth and evocative scenes excite the reader and make Her Mystery Duke a delightfully seductive read."

To read the entire review, please click on the penguin below:


"Her Mystery Duke is a fantastic historical romance, it is also an outstanding erotic romance together they are one of the better books out so far this year...

David is everything you expect from a Regency era Duke but so much more, he is aloof and demanding at the same time very protective and understanding. By allowing the characters pasts to be unfolded throughout the story we are drawn deeper into them and understand there motivations and fears...

We are treated to many extremely seductive sensual scenes throughout the book as we follow the relationship, political intrigue, class struggles as well as the forming of a unique bond between David and Jeanne..." Review by Carin 

To read the entire review, please click here. 

"Smokin' Hot Regency...The book shows a wonderful progression of an unusual relationship between Jeanne an David, especially with the social gap between them...The ending is a lovely one, and it doesn't tie up all the issues with a halcyon outlook. It's pretty clear they will still have challenges to work through, but together.

The sex was seriously erotic and totally appropriate.
David was a very thoughtful and firm dominant lover to Jeanne's flowering and opening submissive. For me the best dominant is an observant and thoughtful one with, and a good BDSM story has to have this type of dominant man, in control of his own desires, highly aware of and responsive to his submissive's needs and cues, and insistent on honest communication of feelings from both sides. After reading A Measured Risk and after reading Her Mystery Duke, I had the same desire - I want a man like that for my own!"  ~ Reader review from Karen.

"A very entertaining, surprising, touching and addictive erotic historical romance that even readers that do not enjoy the historical genre much, or even at all will fully enjoy! Especially with the perfect touch of BDSM that Natasha has wound in the pages. Erotic indeed!...

Together there is a passion ignited like no other and an amazing completion that is felt throughout the pages. As well as an ending that will leave you with the very happiest of tears. I LOVE Natasha’s writing! So vivid and exciting it keeps you turning the pages until, before you know it. It’s the end and you’re left wanting more in the very best of ways ;)"
To read the entire review, please click here.




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