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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5 Stars: HONOR C by Carol Zampa, #MM #Romance #Contemporary #NewRelease

Happy Wednesday Everyone,
I am so happy for my dear friend, Carol Zampa. Today is her new release day for Honor C, a very special and deeply emotional MM contemporary romance. I am so excited to read this one! :)
She already has a Five Star review for it, too.
Here's a little of what MM Good Book Reviews had to say:
"Oh my, oh damn. No book, no book ever has the right to make you feel so much...I loved it, I adored it, I hated it and it damn near broke my heart only to leave me with a slight glimmer of hope and a trembling, barely there smile and eyes stinging... just plain brilliant...a hurricane of delightful feelings including a few tears spilled here and there. I strongly suggest you read it, it would be such a waste to miss such a beautiful read." To read the entire review, click here.
There were times I thought I would die from the pain of it and times I often hated myself because of the pain it caused for those I loved.

But if I had the chance to go back, to do it over again, would I still have done the same? Yes. Hell, yes.

—Honor Castillo

Description (from the DreamSpinner Press Product Page):
When Honor Castillo convinces himself he isn’t gay, he begins a new life. He ends his affair with his lover, Jorge Villagomez, and marries Rebecca to establish a life with her as a respected San Antonio businessman. They have a son and he tells himself he is happy.

Eleven years later, Jorge returns to San Antonio, and his path crosses with Honor’s once more. The flame of their passion never died, and neither did Jorge’s love for Honor.

When Jorge approaches Honor to design his studio, Honor believes he can walk the line between friendship and lovers. But when a sudden crisis threatens to take Jorge from him forever, Honor must choose between his duty and his heart. Most of all, he’s forced to decide what he’s willing to lose in order to be true to who he really is.

To Buy Now:

ISBN-13: 978-1-62380-715-3
Pages: 214
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond

Categories: Novellas, Contemporary, C. Zampa
Book Type: eBook
File Formats Available:.epub, .mobi, html, pdf

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  1. Ayyy. I was gone when this went live and I missed it.
    Thank you, my dear friend Natasha, for sharing my book. Thank you for ALL your support.


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