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Thursday, June 27, 2013

First Kiss With A Bang! (Giveaway has ended)

Personalized Marketing's First Kiss Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to the First Kiss With a BANG! Blog Hop. Thank you to Personalized Marketing for organizing and hosting this blog hop event. 
Today I am sharing a first kiss excerpt from HER MYSTERY DUKE.
 By reading any further, you are stating that you are 18 years of age, or over. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

What are other people saying about HER MYSTERY DUKE?


Five Stars From Salacious Reads

"This is another book I simply adored…Her Mystery Duke is another wonderful example of Natasha’s writing and in my humble little opinion historical romance at its best. She always has the right amount of everything going on in her stories, but mainly the base element which is’s hot and downright sexxy... 

Her Mystery Duke is a well executed and thought provoking read. If you have a love of Historical Romances with an erotic twist to the tale…then ladies!…ladies, you have to read Natasha’s work. You will become a fan…I guarantee it."  To read the entire review,please click the button below:


Five Stars From The Lusty Penguin

"Her Mystery Duke, a well-crafted novel brimming with historical detail and entertaining and memorable characters, draws the reader into another stunning and charismatic erotic romance by Natasha Blackthorne.

Jeanne Darling, an aspiring writer and alone since her father’s death, fears her only worth is as a man’s plaything. David Somerville, a delicious alpha male, is a powerful Duke who falls for the much younger Jeanne. Their sexual chemistry is scorching hot from their first intimate encounter, which includes light bondage elements, and sets the tone for their future sexual liaisons...

Blackthorne’s skillful character growth and evocative scenes excite the reader and make Her Mystery Duke a delightfully seductive read." To read entire review, click here.

Five Stars From My Reading Obsession

"Her Mystery Duke is a fantastic historical romance, it is also an outstanding erotic romance together they are one of the better books out so far this year...

David is everything you expect from a Regency era Duke but so much more, he is aloof and demanding at the same time very protective and understanding. By allowing the characters pasts to be unfolded throughout the story we are drawn deeper into them and understand there motivations and fears...

We are treated to many extremely seductive sensual scenes throughout the book as we follow the relationship, political intrigue, class struggles as well as the forming of a unique bond between David and Jeanne..."  Click to read the entire review.


“Smokin' Hot Regency...” Five Stars

"Smokin' Hot Regency...The book shows a wonderful progression of an unusual relationship between Jeanne an David, especially with the social gap between them...The ending is a lovely one, and it doesn't tie up all the issues with a halcyon outlook. It's pretty clear they will still have challenges to work through, but together.

The sex was seriously erotic and totally appropriate. David was a very thoughtful and firm dominant lover to Jeanne's flowering and opening submissive. For me the best dominant is an observant and thoughtful one with, and a good BDSM story has to have this type of dominant man, in control of his own desires, highly aware of and responsive to his submissive's needs and cues, and insistent on honest communication of feelings from both sides. After reading A Measured Risk and after reading Her Mystery Duke, I had the same desire - I want a man like that for my own!"  ~ Reader review from Karen.

Five Stars From Let's Get Romantical

"This classy, very well written tale brings you back in time.

 Its sexy, sensual and erotic...

I enjoyed the characters in this book. These 2 characters had chemistry. They were complete opposites in society but that didn’t stop them. The storyline was very engaging it had me glued to my kindle.

 I know I can depend on Natasha to always deliver a unique refreshing tale that has lots of passion, lust and romance.

This book is a must read, you will NOT be disappointed."  To read the entire review,please click here.

Five Stars From Author Patricia Green

"Her Mystery Duke is an excellent novel with a believable heroine and good plot development. I enjoyed the erotic aspects of the book, and found the characters to be human but romanticized in the best possible way...The hero is...masterful, experienced, and not quite perfect...Their erotic play is totally consensual, sexy and satisfying.

And never fear, there’s a happy ending waiting for you.

I love Natasha Blackthorne’s books. Her work stands out among historical erotic romance writers. I highly recommend this book." To read the entire review,please click here.

Five Stars from reader Lisa Jo

 " I just loved this book…I loved Jeanne Darling (she was a darling!)…I also love David Somerville, the stuffy, alpha Duke of Hartley who also turned out to be such a tender soul…

Tender moments, HOT BONDAGE, feisty heroine...Everything a good erotic historical novel should have." A review for HER MYSTERY DUKE by reader Lisa Jo.

Erotica Romance ~ Light BDSM ~ Rubenesque / BBW ~ Regency
Historical ~ May-Dec ~ Novel Length, approx. 85,000 words. For Adults 18+ Only.

Is he the answer to all her naughty dreams?



She shrugged out of her pelisse and laid it over a chair. Beneath, she wore only her nightdress. Morning sun filtered in the dingy little window. It made her hair glow like gold and shone through the thin fabric, casting her curvy body in soft light. Small, pale

pink nipples strained against the cloth. Her softly curving waist and luscious hips and thighs were like a goddess’s.

His gaze traveled back up and focused on her lips. He recalled how soft and warm they had been on his cock. But he had not yet tasted them. And suddenly he wanted to, very badly. She was so young, and with her large eyes, short, button of a nose, and rounded, rosy cheeks, she was very pretty, in a fresh-faced country-girl kind of way. Quite a change from the sophisticated courtesans of Mayfair. He liked it.

She had so obviously enjoyed sucking his cock. He didn’t think he’d ever known a woman who had enjoyed it as much. He certainly had never enjoyed it as much, despite the brevity of the act due to his own weakness. Well, he wasn’t feeling so weak now.

What must she be like to ride? He couldn’t seem to think of anything else but burying himself cods-deep inside her.

Yet her very desirability made her wholly unsuitable for the way he lived. He’d tried keeping a mistress once and it did not mesh well with his life.

Passionate women were always trouble.

And Jeanne was very, very passionate. Even more so than Thérèse.

An image of his former mistress’s dark, youthful beauty, and then the corruption and ruin of that beauty, rose vividly in his mind, cooling his ardor. He took a deep breath.

No, he couldn’t bear another disaster like Thérèse. He’d never risk it again.

He should leave here directly. He should forget this girl with the perfect form. He would never have even become involved with her if he had been in his right mind. He looked down at her and opened his mouth to tell her farewell.

Her clear, blue gaze met his, full of such hunger that he caught his breath. Heat entered his blood, filling his cock. He shouldn’t do anything about it. He ought to just say goodbye and leave. “Jeanne, you know I am leaving soon.”
* * * *

A cold, heavy weight settled in Jeanne’s chest. But why? It was best if David went
on his way as soon as possible. “Yes, you must leave soon.”

“I shall never return. There’s no room for you in my life.” His absolute tone left no doubt he spoke the truth

The weight in her chest pressed harder. “Goodness. What’s all this about?”

He rubbed her shoulders gently. Just the slightest touch yet thrills passed through

her, stiffening her nipples. “I want to feel your softness beneath me. I want to put my cock in you.”

“Oh.” The image his words provoked was unbearably beguiling. Her breathing quickened and heat began to pool deep in her belly.

“At least once. Otherwise, I think I shall go mad wondering what it would have been like.”

“Yes.” She licked her lips. “I think I would too.”

“Would you really, darling?” Desire vibrated in his deep tone. No one had ever looked at her like he was staring at her now. As though he would consume her whole.

A thrill raced through her, making her nipples even tighter.

She nodded slowly.

He frowned. “But you are so young. You seem to be such a sweet, caring girl. I don’t want to give you the impression we shall have a grand romance.”

She laughed. “I should think the way you phrased the request fairly squelched any illusions of romance.”

“I just do not want any misunderstandings.”

That he should worry about a girl like her…None of her other lovers had troubled themselves too deeply over the matter of her heart. She scoffed. “Don’t worry. I do not long for any romances cluttering up my life.”

“Well, then.” He caressed her shoulders again. Awkwardness hung between them.

“David, I don’t expect anything further from you. I don’t even know who you really are.” She waited. He said nothing. She understood. They were nothing to each other but temporary lovers. There was no need for any formal introductions. In fact, it was better this way. She touched his face. “But I do want this. I want you.”

Though his fever was broken, his gaze blazed hotter. Something about this moment, about the look in his eyes, about the sudden elation in her heart, tugged at her. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments that she’d always read about but never believed in.

She didn’t believe it now.

To chase the silly notion away, she laughed.

Something predatory flashed in his gaze. He locked his hand about her wrist. The suddenness of his action made her gasp. Arousal pulsed through her and she went limp.

He took her wrists and pulled them behind her then transferred them to one hand.

Her heart warbled the space of a beat or two then sprinted into a dizzying tempo. He brought his mouth down on hers. His lips pressed hers, hard, demanding.

She was spinning inside, all her bones melting. Her legs buckled. He shifted their weight, supported her against his powerful frame. She opened to him and he plunged his tongue into her. He kissed her so deeply that she was drowning in it.

He broke the kiss and she gulped for air. With his pupils dilated, his eyes were dark and heavy-lidded. He released her wrists then grasped her by the shoulders and propelled her backwards.

She allowed it, stumbling along.

“Stop,” he said softly. She obeyed. He slid his hands down then plucked her shift upwards until she was bared to the waist.

He lifted her.

Her bottom landed on something hard. The tabletop.


Open to all persons 18 years of age and older who reside in the USA. I will be giving away an  e-copy of HER MYSTERY DUKE and my Regency short novella, WALTZ OF SEDUCTION, to one person selected at random from all commenters on this blog post.

You must have an account with ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS to accept the prizes.

Disclaimers: By commenting and entering the contest, you are stating that you are 18 or older and have reached the age of majority in your country/state of residence. Void where prohibited by law. By entering the contest, you are stating that it is legal for you to do so. This giveaway will be subject to my giveaway policies.

For more chances to win, please check out my post for the Wicked Summer Scavenger Hunt. Click here.

To check out the other blogs participating in the First Kiss With A Bang Bloghop, check the list below. Good luck and have fun!


  1. "Passionate women were always trouble."

    So true! Wonderful excerpt, Natasha :)

    1. Thank you, Lilith, I am so glad you stopped by. :)

  2. Loved the excerpt. I can't wait to read. Thanks for the giveaway.


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