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Monday, October 28, 2013

Get lucky on the Hot Halloween Heroes Blog Hop! ~ Paranormal Romance SciFi

Hot Halloween Heroes Giveaway Hop

Hello and Welcome to my stop on the Hot Halloween Heroes Blog Hop. A big thank you to Felicity Heaton and Indie Romance Books for organizing and hosting this Halloween Blog Hop Event.

Today I am hosting author Tarah Scott and she's sharing some fabulous, sexy romances. She's also offering two commenters the chance to win some of her books.

The first prize is a free e-copy of Born Into Fire, a hot paranormal romance.

The second prize is a free e-copy of two hot sci-fi romances, Yeoman's Curse and Winter in Paradise.

These giveaways are open to adults 18+ who have reached the age of majority in their locality. To enter to win one of these wonderful prizes, please make a comment to this post with your email address. Please also indicate if you want to enter for giveaway 1 or 2 or both.

Best of all, Tarah is generously sharing some awesome, super sexy excerpts with us today.

She’s fire, he’s air. Together, their power is unimaginable…and hot, hot enough to melt steel.

Genre: Fantasy Paranormal

Ryalda, the Element heroes of old, leak from the void and bring with them beauty, desire...and destruction.

Ryalda--the Element heroes of old--leak from the dark void of nothingness, Ghen, and bring with them beauty, desire...and destruction.

Air Element, Erion aches to feel the heat of Kenna's emerging fire. However, merging his wind with the woman on the cusp of transformation comes with great risk. A risk he's unwilling to take. But with a male Fire Element intent on enslaving Kenna, Erion reconsiders his vow. To protect her, they must merge, but he will not bond his wind with her fire.

Aspiring glassblower, Kenna Lang finally has a showing that could launch her career—with Drakaura, blown glass replicas of the dragons of her dreams. A chance meeting with Erion ignites an attraction hotter than the furnace used to blow glass. Drawn into an erotic joining, Kenna is born into fire. Now her world is going up in flames.

Merged as Air and Fire, their power is unimaginable. However, both are unprepared for the emotions awakened by their joining and the timeless battle waged against them. Only together can they defeat their enemies, both Element and Dragon, and escape the darkness of Ghen.


Kindle Edition, First Edition Scarlet Rose edition, 164 pages

Published December 22nd 2012 by The Wild Rose Press, Inc.; (first published November 22nd 2010) 


5 Stars for Born Into Fire!
"Paranormal Fantasy lovers, beware! This book should definitely hit on your need to read list!..The story was unique and the scenes were well depicted. All of the ladies who have it bad for tortured heroses will have her needs fulfilled in Erion." ~ Close Encounters With The Night Kind.
"Born into Fire is a faced paced story from beginning to end and leaves the reader looking for more. I am hoping there are future stories that pick up where this one leaves you longing for more!" ~ Mona, Siren Book Reviews
Excerpt from Born Into Fire
    Copyright © Tarah Scott and KyAnn Waters
      Erion pushed through the door of the art store and nearly ran down the aisle in his hurry to find Kenna before realizing the clerk’s eyes were on him. Erion slowed and shoved his hands into the front pockets of his black jeans. He scanned a shelf filled with diamond hand pads, files, pliers, tweezers, scraper, and—he squinted at the tag on
the shelf below a pile of screwdriver-looking objects and read Bead Reamer. What the hell was that?
      He turned the corner of the aisle and nearly tripped over Kenna. She squatted on her haunches, a small valve in her hand as she studied similar pieces of equipment on the shelf. She twisted and stared over her shoulder at him. Their eyes met. Erion removed his hands from his pockets. The blush coloring her cheeks reminded him of the glow that
colored her skin when she came. Wind swirled in his center, and his body began to dissolve in on itself in readiness for transformation. He slammed down the invisible wall between his wind and the fire that sparked within her core.
      She smiled. “You look a little lost.”
      “I am.”
      Tension eased in his shoulders, but anxiety churned in his stomach. His first words would lead him down a path of lies and deceit. For her protection. Desire slipped through his veins. Whether or not she knew it, she needed him, and he was too damn close to being glad for it. He was lying to her, deceiving her—for noble reasons. Yeah, he was some fucking knight in shining armor.
     “Do you work here?”
     She chuckled. “No, but I should. The employee discount would save me a fortune.” She stood and extended a hand. “Kenna Lang.”
     He took her hand in his, and his head lightened. “Erio—Eric Gray.” With Kenna, he ached to be his element, but today he was just a man.
     Eric Gray worked and lived within society— where he needed to be with Kenna. Her hand, warm and soft, felt as natural entwined in his as a rainbow to rain. Intoxicating adrenaline flowed through his veins, and blood rushed into his cock at the sensation of flesh against flesh. He had only experienced her touch as air but had glimpsed the heated demands those fingers could make. He released her. Her blush deepened. Had she felt the connection as strongly as he had?
     Her brows furrowed. “Have we met?”
     “I’ve seen your work.” He wasn’t likely to forget the pieces displayed in her garage. “Brilliant use of color.”
     “Brilliant?” Her smile faltered, then broadened. “I like that. Thank you. I have a show coming up at the Michael Laird Gallery. If you want to come…”
     Erion gave a small nod. He wanted nothing more than to come, buried full hilt inside of her. Fuck. He’d been here all of sixty seconds and already wanted too much. Was it too much?
     Maybe…just once, he could touch her as a man. Erion cut off the thought. His response to her was part of their dual nature of human and element, both sides needing physical and emotional connections.
     She squatted again, and he ran his gaze down her red hair and past her waist to the shapely ass. Damn the Fire Element for hunting her. And damn himself for wanting her so badly.
     He yanked his gaze back to the shelf she was studying and forced an even voice. “Do you ever give private showings?”
     Kenna paused, fingers lightly grasping a tip of red cane, a rod of colored glass, from the lower shelf.
     “I’d love to see more of your work,” he added before she could refuse.
     She pulled the red cane from the shelf, inhaled deeply, and sighed. Erion tensed, certain the moment of silence was the worst of his life.
     “I’m working today,” she said. “Well, after I fix the furnace. I think the glory hole overheated.
Gotta be the temp valve.” She lifted the valve over her head and wiggled it. “I should be up and blowing in no time.” She pivoted in her squat and looked up at him. “So you really like my work?”
     Sweat beaded on his brow. “Absolutely.” It wasn’t a lie. “Your perspective is…interesting.”
     He smiled, chasing the worry from her piercing hazel eyes. “Interesting and beautiful.” Like you.
     “Wouldn’t be quite a private showing,” she said. “But I could give you a preview.”
     Sight of the uncertain smile that lifted a corner of her mouth brought an unfamiliar rush of emotion. Understanding hit. He already felt too much for her.
Pain cut through Erion as if his insides were being carved out with a dull knife. It wasn’t the need to fuck Kenna or even bond with her that compelled him to be near her. Yes, he wanted all that, God knew how he wanted it, but the underlying need that drove him was a far more powerful force than the desire to touch her body or fire.
     Fear unlike any Erion had ever experienced rose to the surface in a rush. If Aiden discovered the truth, Kenna would be in even more danger than she already was. Because Erion wouldn’t be able to protect her.




Some things lost are too dangerous to be found.


Some call her a pirate, but Destiny calls herself treasure hunter. When she and her lover Shane Richards happen upon a derelict Kirsoval harem slave ship, they chance a salvage operation that could be the bonanza of a lifetime…or a lifetime of horror. But when it comes to Kirsoval treasure, there may be no one better suited than Richards to face the dangers. His dark violet eyes are the only hint of the Kirsoval blood that flows through his veins—the very thing that might save them, or pit Destiny against the man she loves…


Excerpt from Yeoman's Curse
Copyright © T.C. Archer and Tarah Scott


He stepped into the hallway and down the ladder to a sealed hatchway. The door to the cargo bay slid open and Destiny’s heart jumped at the sight of the cages and crates that nearly filled the space. The hold had to be about fifteen meters tall and thirty wide, but it was hard to tell from the video. She put the length at about fifty meters with a whitish light at the far end—probably the passage to the bridge and slave master’s quarters. The walls of the cargo hold had the typical honeycomb structure—several levels offset from each other for cells that housed slaves.

The Kirsovals’ genetically modified intelligence averaged the same as normal humans, but had a wider spread. Some could be very, very, smart and others dumb as a toad. Rumor was, they ate infants with below average intelligence. Destiny shivered. Nobody knew what went on in a Kirsoval hive. No one had ever gotten out of one alive. Richards was one of only thirty-seven registered humans with Kirsoval DNA. The doctors had traced his ancestry in a direct line to a distant great-grandmother. That made him one of the six of that thirty-seven who got their Kirsoval blood from a direct descendant. The others inherited Kurse DNA from one hundred percent human ancestors who had been genetically altered.

The center alleyway of the hold was open and littered with individual cages and ploy-plastic shipping crates common to the Kirsoval. Excitement tingled deep in her belly and she straightened in her seat. What valuable technology and trade goods might be inside those crates?

“There’s still gravity,” Richards said. “How can that be without some kind of electromagnetic emission?”

“Kirsoval technology, maybe, or something well shielded.”

“Damn, Angel. Who’s to say there’s not a lot more going on behind that shielding?”

“Do you see anyone?”

“No. Nothing on the heat sensors either. I’m taking my helmet off.” The picture jerked, panned, and tilted at the deck. “Hello? Anyone here?”

Destiny held her breath. The only sound that came over his link was a clicking noise like a relay that kept rhythm with the flickering lights.

“Did you hear that?” Richards asked.

“Hear what?”

“A whisper.”

“One sec.” She rewound the recording that replayed the sound. “Nothing here.”

“I heard a whisper that sounded like ‘There you are.’”

Her pulse skipped a beat before she remembered that Richards was a superstitious man. It was strange in a man as big and tough as him, but he believed in ghosts, the afterlife, and generally things that went bump in the night. She teased him mercilessly about it, but he never budged an inch in his beliefs.

“You’re just being—”

His video feed flickered and cut out.

“What the—Richards?”

No reply.

Her heart went into hyper-drive. “Dammit. Get back here. It’s a trap.” Destiny poised her hand over the cutting lasers. Could she cut a hole and grab him in the tractors as he and the air blew out of the hole? “Richards!”

“What?” came his voice.

“What happened? I lost your video feed.”

The sound of him smacking his helmet came over the audio. “Duh-know. I’m fine.”

Destiny blew out a breath. “Time to come back, Mister.” Sending him in—stopping to investigate—had been one colossal mistake. Near silence stretched over the audio link, clicking, clicking, clicking. “Richards? Do me a favor and put your helmet back on.”

She shouldn’t have allowed him to take off his helmet. She’d have to cut, grab, tractor, and get him onto the Pale Dawn fast. If she opened the outer lock door and left the air valves open, he’d get oxygen quicker. He still risked a blown eardrum, or two. Maybe an aneurism.

“Richards!” She drew a mental circle on the Kirsoval ship where he was likely to be without her hitting him with the beam. “Richards. Answer me.”

“Looks like—what the—”

“What is it?”

The sound of him drawing his weapon came over the link. “There’s someone here.”

She scanned the sensor displays. Nothing showed except him. No radio wave activity. Thermal looked stable, cold as hell. No subspace or warp bubble activity. “Sensors show no life signs other than yours aboard. Put on your helmet, you fool.” She scooted closer to the cutting lasers. Damn him for taking off his helmet.

“I don’t know what, but something is here. Can’t see him, but I can feel him.”

“Him?” she echoed.

“Just saying, not thinking.”

What the hell did that mean? He was losing it. Despite his superstitions, she had never known him to show fear or dread. That was part of the Kurse. Especially when he was outnumbered, like he’d been by those pirates, he was cool and collected, almost detached like a machine, and that freaked the hell out of everyone else, including her.

So what now? Destiny looked at the sensors. There was nothing unusual about the ship except for the fact it was intact, a slave ship, still had gravity, life support, no signs of damage or foul play, and what else? What the hell else did she need? That was way too many coincidences. The long-range sensors showed quiet space all around. The sooner they cut the thing up and got out, the better.

A sharp intake of breath came over the audio.

“What happened?” Destiny set the laser on low and centered the beam on the Yeoman’s hull. At low power, the laser wasn’t cutting, but was drawing a wide circle where she wanted to cut. She kept the tractor beam poised and on automatic in readiness to grab him as he was expelled along with the air inside the ship.

“The lights went out,” he said.

Her heart pounded. “I heard a gasp. I thought… I don’t know what I thought. So you’re getting back here, right?”

“There is only one light on now. I think whoever’s here wants me to go to the bridge.”

“There’s no one aboard, dammit. The lasers are warmed up. We’ll cut this tub from the safety of our ship. Get back here. Now.”

“Yeah,” he replied, but she didn’t feel any better.

5 Stars for Winter in Paradise!
"Sizzling Hot! Now here is an excellent short Sci-fi Romance Erotic Novella that will definitely sizzle your core temperature. Perfect read for this winter time season..." ~ Ronda Tutt on Goodreads 
"An amazing, sensual, intense, exciting and touching read all balled into one! This futuristic erotic short will have your body temperature raise beyond its normal degree with the love and affection between Kelly and Byron." ~ Ava on Goodreads
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