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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ready for a little #Halloween Seduction #BlogHop & a chance at $100 GC? #paranormal #romance #erotic #sexy

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Welcome to my post on the Halloween Seduction Blog Hop! Special thanks to Renea Mason and Valerie Twombly for organizing and hosting this blog hop event!

•Grand prize will be a $100 Amazon gift card (donated by Renea and Valerie)
•Second prize will be a copy of Eternal Flame, by Valerie Twombly

I am delighted to welcome Wendi Zwaduk to my blog.. She's here to talk about her new erotic paranormal romance Candlelit Magic Part of the Wanton Witches Collection. It's a Contemporary, Paranormal, M/F that contains some Anal Sex. This is a novella length work.

Even love witches get the blues.


Havan’s magical potions bring couples together and give them the happily ever after of their dreams. Too bad her spells don’t work for her. In Erie View, the townspeople see nothing more than a witch. All she wants is to find that special man to embrace her quirks and love her. Will she be able to accept the blessings of the Goddesses or lose faith in herself?


Neil doesn’t believe in magic. It’s trickery for television and movies. No one creates a spell for people to fall in love. Hell, he doesn’t even believe in love. After a string of crappy dates and dead-end romances, he’s through with relationships. But a chance meeting at the grocery store changes his mind. Havan’s nothing like he expects—but is the blue haired witch enough to make him give romance another shot?



“I wanted to thank you in person for the candle. It’s very pretty.” He snapped his lips shut. Damn it. He sounded stupid. “I don’t know what I’ll use it for, but they make the house smell nice.” Shit.
She stared at him, but didn’t say anything.
“I suck at small talk.” And apparently trying to sound smooth in front of beautiful women. “What”—Neil picked up a tiny bottle filled with amber liquid—“exactly do you do here? And what is this?”
“I’m a witch.”
Matter-of-fact, no inflection in her voice. Factual and blunt. What would it take to make her smile? Blush? Call out his name when they made love? Oh crap, he needed to get his thoughts away from sex.
He paused a moment to make sure that he’d heard her right. “A witch?”
“Yes, and I make the potions the people in town rave about. I’m not Madame Scarlett and neither is Cian. I thought everyone in town knew, but hey, you might not have. She’s just the name I picked out when my Aunt Siobhan turned the store over to me. Cian likes red, so her hair is red and she lets everyone think she’s Madame.” Havan folded her hands on the glass display case. “I heard you say you wanted something for your sister. I remember her, vaguely. Her then boyfriend came in looking for a love potion. I gave him one and it seems to have worked.”
“Kasen?” The guy had used a love potion? He knew the general story, but to hear Melissa talk, it was love at first sight. The spell or potion or whatever came a lot later.
“Sounds right.” Havan shrugged. “They got what they wanted.”
Well, what do you know? Neil pointed to the bottle with the amber stuff inside. “This? Is this what they used?” He needed to keep her talking.
“Yes.” She wore two rings per hand, each ring set with a huge stone—one in red and one in black. “This one will get you a date and this one will get you forever.” She tapped the top of a black bottle. “Cian claims we have potions for revenge and greed, but they don’t work.”
“Why not?” He picked up one of the black bottles. “If I cast a spell for a negative reason, then that negativity will come back to me threefold. It sucks.” She tucked a lock of darker blue hair behind her ear. A selection of hoop earrings dangled from her ear, starting at the top and following down to her earlobe. “I learnt my lesson a long time ago. Don’t cast what you can’t handle.” For the first time since he’d seen her, she smiled and laughed. “You will totally regret it.”
“I hear you.” Neil gripped the bottle. The more she talked, the more he wanted to listen to her. His cock pushed against his pants and he mashed the bulge into the front of the display case to ease his ache. “My sister already fell in love, so she doesn’t need this. Think it’ll help me?”
Havan sighed. “It will, but you have to accept whoever is chosen. What you want might not be what you get, but she will be the one your heart truly desires.”
Her words stopped him cold. She wasn’t a thing like he expected and she sure as hell wasn’t his type and yet he couldn’t help but want to see her. “I’ll take it and whatever it was your friend went upstairs to find.”
“Oh. Okay.” Havan wrote up the bill on a receipt pad. “Give her a moment.”
“I will.” Neil clutched the bottle tighter. A witch. No wonder the people around town talked ill of Madame Scarlett’s. No one knew what the hell they were dealing with. But Havan didn’t strike him as a witch. No green skin or huge warts. Maybe he’d been watching too much television. The bracelets on her wrist jangled as she wrote.
“I know my sister was being forward, but I’ve got a question.” He wanted to see her again. Had to. “Would you accompany me to my sister’s wedding?”
“What?” Her eyes widened again, displaying the ring of dark blue surrounding her pupils. The lighter blue flecks sparkled. Would she look at him that way during sex? He hoped so. Hoped she’d give him a chance, too.
“Well, you brought them together.” Stupid, stupid. He took one of the business cards and flipped it over, then wrote his phone number and the date of the wedding. “My name is Neil and I know this is a shitty way to ask you out, but I really am drawn to you.” He slid the card to her. “No strings, but if you’d like to go with me, I’d love to see you.”

Want to learn more about Wendi Zwaduk and her "White Hot Second Chance Romance"?

Wendi is giving away a bracelet/earring set. To enter to win, please let a comment with your name & email address. This giveaway is for United States residents only. Thank you.

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  1. I love how unsure he is of himself! Too cute!! This looks like a really great read! I'm always looking for new authors to read and fall in love with! Thank you for the excerpt! ~Robin Malone

    1. oops forgot my email addy. bookreadsandreviews at gmail dot com

  2. I loved the excerpt! Now this sounds like a great read for Halloween!


  3. I love the cover! But, I love green, so that was an easy one to love :) (My email's in the blogger profile, I don't post here because it gets me spam)

  4. Thanks for sharing the great excerpt. This book sounds great! Thanks for sharinghe hop and the giveaway. evamillien at gmail dot com

  5. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Happy Halloween!
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  6. That was a great excerpt, the cover is gorgeous.
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  7. I enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks for being a part of this FUN blog hop.

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  8. Thank you for your part in this hop. I am putting the book on my TRL

  9. Thanks for sharing your excerpt - sounds great! Happy Halloween and thanks for the chance at the giveaway!
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  10. awesome! thanks for the giveaway

  11. Great excerpt. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Halloween!
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  12. Sounds fantastic! I cant wait to read more! Thanks for sharing! Happy Halloween! Thanks for the fun and goodies! :)

  13. great cover art.thanks for being a stop on the hop.
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  14. Thanks for the giveaway! This sounds like an awesome book!
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  15. I love the cover and the excerpt was very good.
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