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Sunday, March 16, 2014

5 Stars: A Measured Risk, Erotic Romance, Regency Historical, Light #BDSM, Rubenesque #Kindle

Hello Everyone and Happy Sunday,

I have been very, very busy lately. I emerged from my writing cave and took a good look around for the first time in weeks and I got a very pleasant surprise. :) A new five star review for A MEASURED RISK from Salacious Reads.

"I love to read Natasha Blackthornes romances. Her creativity and world building is always done really well. Her characters are flawed men and woman who know they're flawed...know they aren't perfect. But they always seem to have each other..." Reviewed by Sharonda

It is a lovely review and it really gets to the crux of Anne and Jon's story to the point I was stopped in my tracks this morning, just very touched by it. :) To read the entire review, please click the link below:


  1. Wonderful!! I look forward to reading more of their story! I loved this book!
    I read the original version and am wondering how much of a difference there is between that one and the newer one?

    1. Hello Tina,

      I am so happy that you enjoyed A MEASURED RISK. The newer version is a little bit deeper with their emotional and psychological perspectives. The plot is really the same. The newer version was also re-edited. Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a great week. :)


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