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Saturday, November 29, 2014

5 Stars: "Damn, I found him so fabulously irresistible." #EroticRomance #Kindle #BDSM Lite #Curvy

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to share a five star review for TRUST ME (Regency Risks #2) and I would also like to reveal a new cover for it designed by the wonderful, talented folks at The Killion Group.

"...I am familiar with Ms. Blackthorne's writing, her delicious, multi dimensional characters---her honesty in portraying them...

All of Ms. Blackthorne's characters have enthralled me. And this Jon Lloyd, Earl of Rule was no exception. He intrigued me and---yes---he aroused me. What can I say? I found him disarmingly cool and his dry humor, painted in fabulous dialogue and mannerisms, was delightful. And yet somehow his cool persona was offset and---betrayed, maybe---by his passion, his pure, unadulterated desire. Damn, I found him so fabulously

His patience with Anne, his wife, his fierce protectiveness of her when she's pitted against his family---against society---makes him even more appealing.

I never venture into plot in reviews, as you know. But I will say that the storyline was intriguing. Very much so. As always, Ms. Blackthorne goes outside the norm for romance to bring the reader an unusual story. A very personal story with real people with real emotions. Men and women we relate to.

The only problem now, for me, is that I was SO enraptured with Jon and Anne that I must go back to the first installment to read it. I'm dying to see where their story began. could I forget? The chemistry between Anne and Jon is sensual, steamy, electric. A beautiful case of want and need trying to be overshadowed by the seeking of trust.

Highly recommended." ~  Carol P.

Want to learn more about TRUST ME and the Regency Risks Series? Please keep reading.

What are other people saying about TRUST ME?

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 "Blackthorne wowed me once again with a sensual and erotic historical romance that gripped my heart and had me falling even more for Jon and Anne as they fought to keep their happily ever after...seriously lip-biting-toe-curling good...a vivid world you could practically taste and feel and I loved the emotional journey it took me through." ~Herding Cats & Burning Soup ~ To read the entire review, please click here.

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"This story...goodness. I know I can always count on Natasha to give me a story that is above and beyond what I usually expect in a historical romance." ~ 5 Stars by Sharonda of Brazen Babes Reviews (Formerly Salacious Reads) If you'd like to check out her review for Trust Me, please click here.

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"Natasha Blackthorne writes an emotionally intense and compelling erotic historical romance in Trust Me, the second book in the Regency Risks series. Blackthorne has an exquisite writing style, drawing me into her stories with a perfect combination of vivid historical details and romance...A stunning couple discovering how to trust one another propels this character-driven story to the dramatic conclusion, making Trust Me a powerful romance that is a gripping read from beginning to end."
5 Stars from The Lusty Penguin. Please click here to read the entire review.

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Trust Me is the sequel to A Measured Risk, Regency Risks, Book One

Erotic Romance, Regency Historical, Light BDSM, Rubenesque / BBW, Character-driven Story, Shy Heroine, Angst, Drama, Novel Length/approx. 100,000 words

Anne and Jon’s story continues.

Is she insane?

All of Mayfair is whispering the question.

Anne Lloyd, the new Countess of Ruel, thought she’d finally begun to heal from having witnessed the terrible death of her first husband. But, from her new husband’s grandmother to his ex-mistresses, it is all that is on everyone’s lips. What scares her more than the potential social ruin is that even she isn’t sure they aren’t right.

Jonathon Lloyd, the Earl of Ruel, has commanded men on the battlefield and women in the ballrooms and bedchambers with his dominant personality. It tears him apart that he can’t command his wife’s terrors to go away. To top it off, he has to battle his grandmother, for Anne’s acceptance as the new Countess. There are times when it seems that the bloody battlefields of Europe were easier to navigate than the so-called civilized graces of Society.

There are those who will stop at nothing to tear apart the fragile bond between the newlyweds. Can Lady and Lord Ruel learn to trust each enough to keep their love, and her sanity, intact?

***The Regency Risks Series***

Erotic Romance, Regency Historical, Light BDSM elements, Drama, Angst.

Vividly real... Hot & sensual love stories where deeply flawed characters find love & trust.

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