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Monday, January 26, 2015

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Hello Everyone,

Today I'd like to share a teaser excerpt from Alex's Angel.

SALE priced at $2.99
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Alex’s Angel
<3 Historical Erotica Romance <3

A tortured hero. An innocent sheltered young woman.

He was the 2nd wealthiest man in Philadelphia & yet he had nothing.

When desperation leads Emily to sell her virtue, she walks straight into trouble...Enter one gorgeous, golden haired gentleman bent on protecting her.

Alexander Dalton came to the Blue Duck Tavern seeking to lose himself in sexual pleasure. But when he saw the delicate and vulnerable young woman, he couldn't turn away.

"Very erotic with the blistering chemistry..." ~ Night Owl Reviews

"...a yummy, steamy, passionate love story." ~ Angie (a reader)

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A Preview Excerpt From
Alex’s Angel
 “The moment I saw you peering into the window at the Blue Duck, I knew you were going to be pure trouble.”
“Then I’m surprised you bothered to save me from Green,” she said, trying to make her tone light.
Alex’s eyes darkened and glittered. “Maybe I like trouble.”
He grasped the back of her neck with one hand, brushing her sore, bruised flesh. But it didn’t matter. There was pleasure in the pain. He bent his head and she held her breath. His lips descended on hers, slanting over them with hard determination. He twisted his hand in her hair, sending flickers of fiery pleasure-pain through her head and down her neck as he moved her head to another angle. He traced the seam of her lips with his tongue.
Her heart pounded and the back of her throat went dry, for she knew what he wanted.
Alex’s tongue slid over her lips like warm satin, sending spirals of delight sparking right down through her center to her very toes. Making her want to open for him.
Her fatigue lifted as though it had never been.
With a cry, she parted her lips and he swept inside, all wet, wonderful and warm—flavored with a hint of the wine they’d shared, along with something else. Something spicy and exciting and all together singularly him.
He caressed her tongue with delicate strokes, each brush teasing her, making her crave a deeper taste of him. Her knees went weak and she sagged against him, moving her hands up to clasp his shoulders and cling. His scent intoxicated her. His touch surrounded her.
She’d never forget his taste, his scent, his feel. Never.
He put his hand under her cloak and flirted his fingertips over her bodice, touching nipples hardened by both cold and arousal. At the delicious sensation, she gasped.
Light headed, she opened her eyes and looked up. The sky seemed to loom closer than it ever had before. Surely thousands of stars twinkled above in the inky blackness.
His touch grew harsher, impatient, commanding her attention back from the heavens. He pulled her bodice down until his hand grazed over her bare, erect nipples—his palm was not smooth as she had guessed it would be, but rough, as if he was used to doing some labor with his hands. The texture only increased the sensation.
On a soft moan, she closed her eyes.
He groaned and deepened his kiss, sweeping his tongue between her lip and her lower teeth, touching on areas that were sore from her fall onto the table in the Blue Duck.
It didn’t matter.
Even the pain of his tongue on the bruised portions of her mouth became a strange sort of pleasure.
If only this would never stop—
Discordant singing broke the spell. He lifted his head and she pulled away and took several gulps of crisp, cold air into her lungs while she turned her head in the direction of the singing. An elderly beggar woman had wandered into the alleyway and was sifting through the rubble.
Alex’s gaze flickered to the woman and he pulled Emily behind the abandoned carriage. Then he jerked her back to him, moving his hands down to cup her buttocks and press her hips tightly to his.
There was something between them. Something so hard and throbbing that its heat penetrated even through her gown and two petticoats. His maleness. She gasped and glanced up at him. His eyes were like periwinkle fire now.
“I want you.” His whispered growl echoed in her belly.
He sounded so aggressive, so animal. It shocked her. Even more shocking was her own reaction. The aching, empty sensation in her core. The flood of wetness over her inner lips and down her thighs. The utter paralysis of her limbs. Her reaction was like a drug in her body, getting stronger with each beat of her pounding heart.
She was his. His to do with as he wished.

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