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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

5* "Hot, steamy & all consuming: Can their love go beyond that of an earl & mistress?" #Romance

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to share a recent five star review of Miranda's Dilemma from Xtreme Delusions. Here's a small snippet of what they had to say:

¨.•*¨.•*¨Review Excerpt.•*¨.•*¨

"Forget those closed doors, in the dark moments of the past…
...Ms. Blackthorne has a penchant for penning very erotic historicals that I absolutely love. Miranda’s Dilemma closes with an HFN ending. The Fashionably Impure series continues with A Most Demanding Mistress, the continuation of Adrian and Miranda’s love affair. I have to admit the title has me rather curious because I just don’t see Ms. Jones as a demanding Mistress. Whatever could the title imply?… I can’t wait to find out." ~ Review by Jean of Xtreme Delusions

To read the entire review, click here:

☆✿❥❥♡☆ Synopsis ☆✿❥❥♡☆

Erotic Historical Romance ~

Poised to become Mayfair’s most expensive and exclusive courtesan, Miss Miranda Jones finds her rise inexplicably blocked by a socially powerful nobleman. Scorned by her ducal father and determined to attain everything that life has denied her due to an accident of birth, she’s not about to let this arrogant earl stop her.

Adrian Sutherland, the Earl of Danvers, saw his father destroyed by a heartless, predatory courtesan. He has no time or patience for such exotic, expensive ladybirds. He’s far too busy restoring his family’s wealth and reputation whilst doing what he can to protect his friends from the clutches of all the scheming courtesans of London.

Then a moment of compassion turns intense dislike to breathless passion, and these two strong-willed, fiercely proud people are compelled to indulge in a brief affair. Each is convinced that they can satisfy their craving for the other without emotional risk.

But neither realizes that a little dalliance can be a dangerous thing.

Reader Advisory: This is an erotic historical romance and it contains frank, frequent love scenes, sexual slang and descriptions and general bedchamber naughtiness. The characters discuss abuse issues from their backstories during the course of their developing relationship.

Want to learn more about Miranda's Dilemma and the Fashionably Impure series?

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 Scorching Hot Regency Historical Romance
With Darker Angsty Drama

5★ "...tortured & damaged characters who find true love, passion & solace in each other."

Mayfair's most alluring courtesan vs. the arrogant earl who doesn't want to want her.

* * *

Erotic Romance ~ Regency Historical ~ Angst and Drama ~ Novel Length ~ Non-virginal heroine ~

* * *
Miranda's Dilemma
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For Adults 18+ Only

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5 Stars ~ "...a passionate and emotional erotic love story that both tantalizes and pulls at the heart strings...I recommend the read to historical romance fans who are partial to tortured and damaged characters who find true love, passion and solace in each other." A Reader's Review


5 Stars ~ "Sizzling historical erotic romance!...filled with complexity, twists and turns, betrayal, lies, secrets. What happens when revenge turns to attraction then passion? Sparks flare all over! Lots of beautiful emotions! Sexual language and erotic scenes are very well written and described with beautiful words...scorching hot and interesting to read." ~ Review by Nicole on Goodreads


5 Stars ~ "Wonderfully Impure!!..Sexy, intriguing and historical...A wonderfully engaging enemies to lovers erotic regency story!" ~ Review by Romazing Reader

A Most Demanding Mistress

Miranda and Adrian’s obsessive, passionate love story continues. Available now for .99 or to read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle USA:

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Dark, Angst-ridden Erotic Regency Romance

Sacrifice by Natasha Blackthorne, #3 in the seductive ~ Fashionably Impure ~ Trilogy.

"Beautiful conclusion for Adrian and Miranda!...Too hot to hold! It sizzled!...the perfect ending..." ~ Nicole on Goodreads

"What an explosive, and frank conclusion!...Love, healing and acceptance. What a contrary and dark romance! Brilliantly written and executed!" ~ My Book Addiction & More
 "Thrillingly Passionate! Beautifully heartbreaking, powerfully moving, and deeply romantic!" ~ Romazing Reader
 "Lots of HOT sex scenes & some difficult emotional ones...A very entertaining read as long as you read all the books in order." ~ Warrior Woman Winmill

Miranda and Adrian, two tortured and damaged souls, whose only solace is each other. As they share the dark secrets that have tormented them for years, their love is put to the test again and again. But when Adrian makes the ultimate sacrifice to ensure her safety, all their future happiness is put at risk.

How great a price must they pay for their obsessive, all-consuming love?

•.¸✿¸.• •. Wild, Wicked and Wanton Series Bundle by Natasha Blackthorne •.¸✿¸.• •.

                Available to read for FREE through Kindle Unlimited. ~ Purchase for .99 cents for a limited time.

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