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Guest Author Interview Tammy Dennings Maggy ~ Author of For The Love of Quinn

Tammy Dennings Maggy's Bio
As far back as I can remember I have had two dreams: become a veterinarian and a world famous author. So far I achieved the first one and have enjoyed a wonderful career as a small animal veterinarian, but something has always been missing. I have never stopped writing; that has never an issue. The problem was getting up the nerve to actually finish one of my novels and submit it to a publisher. What a scary thought to send a stranger something I had poured my heart into. Would they like it? Would they see the characters the way I saw them in my head? Writing For the Love of Quinn was like giving birth to my first child…I had to let my characters go to see if they would take off…and boy have they ever!
Having grown up in Michigan and now living in Northern California, I have had the privilege to experience life in a small town and a big city. Everyone who I have met along the way has influenced my writing in one way or another. Their experiences as well as my own help make up the characters that I hold near and dear to my heart. Helping them find the loves of their lives as well as fulfilling a few fantasies along the way is just frosting on the cake!

Connect with Tammy

Natasha: Welcome to my blog Tammy. You’re the first person I have ever interviewed so you get to be a guinea pig today. J

Tammy: Thank you so much for the spot on your blog.  I loved all of your questions and I had a hard time narrowing them down to what I chose to answer.  I could have easily gone on and on and no one wants that!  LOL

Natasha: So Tammy, please tell us a little about how you came to be an author:

Tammy: Even though I have only jumped into the “published author” ring a couple months ago, I have been writing practically my whole life.  As soon as I could put sentences together on paper, I was making up stories and they all have the same core issue: finding true happiness through whatever is thrown at you.

Natasha: It was the same for me. I never decided to become a writer. It was just always there, a part of me. What an inspirational theme you have to your writing. Why do you think this theme is so important to you?

Tammy: I think I go back to these themes over and over because through a huge part of my life, I wasn’t truly happy.  Sure there were moments of happiness, but depression crept in and was my constant companion up until this year.  Through my stories I could escape the sadness and pain I was going through.  My Knight in Shining Armor was always there to stand by my side, rescue me when I needed help, and letting me rescue him from time to time as well.  My characters became who I wished I could be. Their stories were how I wished my life would turn out.  I tried to give them a happy ending, because I wasn’t getting one and thought I never would. Now everything has changed.  I finally found myself, my voice, my Muse/Knight in Shining Armor and I am hopelessly in love!  What more can a girl ask for?

Natasha: You have such positive energy. How do you maintain that? Where do you go for inspiration on a daily basis?

Tammy: So many things inspire me each and every day. My writing has become a window into my emotions at that particular point in time.  This is most evident in my poetry.  When I am in love, heart-broken, lost and alone, inspired by our armed forces, longing to be a mother, or mad as hell for being walked on once again, you can usually find a poem that I wrote about it!  LOL!  Several of my poems are the inspirations of the storylines in the books of my Now and Forever series.  Two poems are actually wedding vows for two of my couples.  Can’t tell you which ones without giving the away the happy endings, but here is one poem I wrote for my Muse and soul mate, Liam.

Safe Harbor

You are the song my heart beats to,
A rhythm wild and free.
You give me purpose again,
Opened my eyes
 To see the Goddess in me.

You lift me up higher
Than I could have ever dreamed
Of reaching alone.
With you by my side,
I can do anything,
Get through any adversity,
Celebrate every joy.
You are the Safe Harbor
And the Light that guides me Home.

Your love anchors me enough
So I can soar wild and free,
And yet still be safe
In your arms at night.
Your strength and courage
Are beacons bright and true,
Encouraging me to do what’s right.

There was a time not so long ago
When I thought all hope was lost,
And I could go on no longer.
Your heart kept calling out to me.
Your love lighting the way
Back to you,
My heart, my soul,
My Safe Harbor.

Tammy Dennings Maggy

Natasha: That’s a beautiful poem, thank you for sharing it today. When you’re not writing poems or romance, what do you like to do?

Tammy: I love different crafts, but I would have to say that knitting and crochet take up most of that time.  I love the look on a person’s face when you give them something you made specifically with them in mind.  My Christmas stockings are in hot demand as well as my knitted and stuffed Christmas trees made with fun fur. 

I have been a practicing small animal veterinarian for almost 19 years now and I think I’ve accomplished all that I set out to do in that career.  It’s getting to that point now that I would like to start writing more full time and being a veterinarian only a few days a month.  I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with fabulous people through the years and I wouldn’t change one moment of that, but I would have liked to have more of a personal life.  I put too much into that career and let life pass me by.  NO MORE!!  Working 40 plus hours a week at the veterinary hospital leaves me with very little precious time for my writing.  I made a promise to myself to change that last year and now I am in a position to be able to do it.

Natasha: That’s wonderful that you have found a new perspective on your life and have been able to reset your priorities. That’s really quite similar to your latest release, For The Love of Quinn. How would you summarize the theme of this story?

Tammy: It’s never too late to find your heart and soul, your now and forever.  Open your heart and take a chance.

Natasha: I am very intrigued. Please tell us more about it.

Tammy: It’s set in the current time period and starts off in Las Vegas.  My heroine, Quinn lives in the San Francisco Bay area but is originally from Michigan (just like me…go figure!).  The story has scenes in those areas as well as some key scenes in another favorite place of mine, Disneyland!

Natasha: Sounds like a wonderful setting. Who are the characters and what makes them tick?

Tammy: Just about all of my characters in For the Love of Quinn are in their 40’s.  They love the music from the 80’s and I use some songs from that time period in the storyline.  Quinn gets to sing on stage a few times when she’s in Vegas and in the process shows more of her sexy side to the two men who are chasing after her.  Quinn has worked hard to excel in her career through the years and now she’s giving herself a chance to come out of her cocoon.  If Quinn was any younger, I don’t think her story would be as believable. You can read tale after tale of the love-sick twenty something, but a woman of my own age finally finding her always and forever, gives people hope that it’s never too late.  Having the story set today just makes it all the more believable, like it could happen to you too.


 Natasha: Yes, I agree this is fresh twist on romance. Cultural wisdom tends to assume people in their 40s have already been there and done that but it sounds like your heroine is still growing, still reaching for her heart’s true desire. Please tell us a little more about what kinds of lessons she will learn in For The Love Of Quinn.

Tammy: Quinn needs to learn to trust her heart even though she’s been hurt so many times before. She needs to acknowledge the people she’s lost in her life, grieve for them and let them go.  She needs to give herself permission to be happy and to know she deserves the happily ever after.

Natasha: But Quinn’s HEA doesn’t come easy, does it? She has to make some serious choices during the course of the story. Would you please explain a little about that?

Tammy: I have two heroes in this story vying for Quinn’s heart.  Steve and Jake both have things to go through and learn about themselves to make the happy ending come to fruition.  Steve has to learn that there is more to life than his business empire.  He has to give himself permission to relax and have fun.  Quinn opens a whole new world for him, one where he is loved, respected and admired for who he is as a person, not for his money.  Jake is very much like Quinn in that he’s suffered a lot because of what he thought was love.  He has to learn he also deserves the happily ever after and to not be the martyr.  He has to accept that he is worth having someone love him unconditionally.

Natasha: For The Love Of Quinn sounds like a interesting and deeply emotional read. I know it is part of a series. Would you please share more about how this story fits in with your overall series theme?

Tammy: The overall theme of my Now and Forever series is that true soul mates will always find a way TO each other, and sometimes BACK to each other.  Listen to your heart, it will never steer you wrong.  For the Love of Quinn fits into this perfectly.  Against all odds, even when outside forces tear them apart, Quinn and the one man who can make her truly happy finally embrace their destiny.  Throughout the entire series, the reader gets to meet more of Quinn’s friends and family as their individual stories are told.  They are a close knit bunch so we get to see a lot more of all of them.  So far, I have six books plotted out with possibly two stand alones around minor characters.  One of them will be about the love story of Jake’s parents Katrina and Michael Hartley.  They went through hell and back to be together.  The reader gets a glimpse of the story when Katrina explains to her son that he isn’t the only one who ever had to fight for his always and forever.

Right now, I am working on books two and three in this series, more of my poetry and another series that I will write under another pen name, Lia Michaels.  That one was inspired by a poem that I wrote titled The Vixen, The Witch, and The Daemon.

Natasha: I can’t wait to read this story now. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and letting me interview you. Dear readers, here’s an excerpt from For The Love of Quinn:

      Derek kept on working on his tattoo and hollered up to the front. “Come on back, Quinn. We’re just about ready for you guys.” He stopped a second and spoke low enough just for Jacob to hear. “Just relax, Jake. I’m gonna hold you to your promise. Look but don’t touch.”
      “Jesus Christ, D. You’re killing me!”
      Derek rose from his station, peeled off his gloves, and greeted Quinn with a bear hug as she came back into the work area. “So you’re really gonna do this today?”

      “Looks like it. Randi’s all set, and Steve said he’d get one, too, so here I am. You have some sketches you want me to look at while we wait? Hey, what are you working on now?” She walked over to his station and inspected Derek’s work.

      Jacob couldn’t breathe. She was so close, and she smelled fucking fantastic.

      “How long did that take, Derek?”

      “Let’s see, it’s been about two months off and on. Right, Jake?”

      Goddamn him! Now Jacob knew he was doing this on purpose. He sat up and turned to look at them. “Something like that, but it’s nearly done now.” Jacob looked into her eyes. “What do you think?” He clenched his jaw as his gut tightened up. “I sort of have a thing for dragons.”

      Quinn smiled. That did it. Jacob wanted her, right there and then. “I love dragons, too. But I don’t know if I could ever sit still long enough to have something like that done to me, almost your entire back.” She lowered her voice to a husky whisper. “They’re beautiful. They look real, like they could jump off of your back and start flying around the shop.” She kept eye contact with him a little longer before she turned to Derek. “You’ve outdone yourself with this one.”

      “Thanks, doll.” He kissed her on the cheek and handed her some papers. “Here are the sketches for you and Randi to look through. I’m still working on the one for Steve. I should be done with Jake in about fifteen minutes or so and then we’ll start with Randi so you can see how it’s done. Okay?”

      She covered her face with the sketches for a second then looked at Jacob again. Those eyes bore right through him. “Okay. If Jake can sit through all of that work, then I can do it for a little butterfly.” She reached out and touched his arm with just her fingertips, setting his skin on fire. “Thank you for letting me look at your tat.”

      She walked away from him, and Jacob nearly fell out of the chair. Those hips and that ass—damn it!

      Derek looked back at him and just grinned. If he was anyone else, Jacob would have driven his fist through his teeth. Instead, Jacob just groaned and put his head back down on his arms. “You’re one sadistic son of a bitch, D.”

      “You’ll survive. You always do. Besides, you‘ll get to watch her again tonight at the concert. Eischer told me earlier that he’s bringing Quinn and Randi to see us.” Jacob thought Derek was thoroughly enjoying torturing him way too much. “And with Eischer around, you’ve got no chance in hell getting her into your bed tonight.”

      Jacob laughed along with his friend. “That’s cold, dude.”

     “Maybe so, but I love you both and I think it’s best you don’t hook up now. Maybe somewhere down the line.” Derek rubbed away the last of the excess ink from Jacob’s back and then covered it with plastic wrap. “Here, let me help you with your shirt so you don’t dislodge the plastic too soon. It should be okay tonight, but remember to wear a dark shirt—”

      “In case some of the ink bleeds. Yeah, I’ve been through this a few times.” Wait, did he just say that maybe I could hook up with Quinn sometime in the future? “So you wouldn’t be totally against me ever hooking up with her, just not now?”

To read an ADULT Excerpt, click here (18 and over only please).

Watch the Book Trailer
(It's a great video folks, I just watched it)

By: Tammy Dennings Maggy | Other books by Tammy Dennings Maggy
Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Word Count: 219,064
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.
Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, adultery, light BDSM, sex toys]

Quinn Lee Hollis is a forty-three-year-old veterinary surgeon who has reached a crossroads in her life. Stuck in a loveless and emotionally abusive marriage, she decides that she has had enough and vows to cut loose and enjoy herself in Las Vegas with her sister.

There she meets and falls in love with two men. Both bring out the fire and passion in her that she has longed for her whole life. Steve Eischer is a Vegas tycoon who wants to fulfill her every fantasy, and Jake Hartley is a classic bad boy who awakens desire in her so strong that it nearly destroys her.

Both Steve and Jake have claims on her heart, but only one can share a connection so strong that nothing can keep them apart.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Five of five stars!

"If you love a huge story with major hot and lovable characters, tense emotional scenes and people who you would like to go and slap, then this is the book for you." ~  Sam Crescent, The Romance Reviews

Find For The Love of Quinn at:


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  2. That poem is just lovely. And your book looks hot hot hot, Tammy. Congrats on its release.

  3. Thank you Kiru! I am going to offer that poem or the choice of another framed as a prize during the Black Friday Hop that I am involved in and a copy of my book for the Christmas blog hop from December 16th-18th.


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