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The Island, Now & Forever Book 2, by Tammy Dennings Maggy, Contemporary Erotic Romance

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Today I am hosting Contemporary Erotic Romance Author Tammy Dennings Maggy.

She is going to share some about her new release: The Island, Now and Forever Book Two, published by Siren Publishing. Without further ado, let's see what she has to say:
Is Your Soul Mate Out There Waiting for You?



People always ask me if I believe in the idea of soul mates and I always tell them I do, for other people.  I think that is why I started writing romance and erotic romances in particular.  I wanted to experience that kind of love connection even if it was just in my fantasy world.  I still had a hope that one day I would find my mo anam cara, my soul friend or soul mate.  My Mom found hers with her second marriage, why couldn’t I find mine someday?


I thought I had found him when I reconnected with a man I had been in love with for over 27 years. Even though so much time had passed, we just fell into our old friendship as if we never stopped being around each other.  I waited so many years to see him again.  He joined the Marine Corps right out of high school and we lost track of each other.  I never forgot him or stopped loving him as only a teenaged heart could do.  I was soon to find out that the boy I had loved all of these years was no longer there.  Both of us tried to hold onto that fantasy, but it wasn’t meant to be.  My heart was so broken, but still longed for the one that could make it all right. 


After one too many failed relationships I thought I was just destined to go through life alone.  I finally realized that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.  I didn’t have to be in a relationship or married in order to be happy.  The moment I accepted that, was the moment I found my always and forever.


I agreed to go on a date with a local man.  Both of us weren’t looking for a long term romance, but dating other people, basically keeping our options open.  Both of us had been burned before and we guarding our hearts, but something just clicked on that very first date.  It felt like we had known each other for years and as the conversation went on, it felt like we had known each other in previous lifetimes.  Why? Well, we knew so much about each other even on that first date. We had the same likes and dislikes, laughed at the same jokes, in the same spots. We even had the uncanny ability to finish each other’s sentences.


I know, for many of you that sounds strange, but the sense of déjà vu was so strong between us, I couldn’t explain it any other way.  He couldn’t either.  It was so refreshing to actually find someone with similar beliefs.  We shared a lot of our hopes and dreams with each other on that date and others.  It felt so right, so why did I want to run?


That’s right.  I said I wanted to run away from him as fast as I could.  I felt such love and affection for him right off that it scared me.  Never before had I felt as supported and loved as I did when I was with him.  I knew I was falling head over heels for this man and I also knew he was not in the same place.  I couldn’t put myself through that heartache one more time so I tried to break it off several times.  We always found our way back to each other and slowly but surely those other people we were dating dropped out of our lives.  It was just the two of us and it hit us hard.  As soon as we admitted to ourselves that the love we have for each other was there to stay and in fact growing with each and every moment, our journey to find our happily ever after was just beginning.  This time it was different.  This time we were in it together, all the way.


Just like my characters in my Now and Forever series, I have been through hell and back and found my soul mate.  In For the Love of Quinn, Quinn is blessed with the love of two men.  Both of them hold claims on her heart, but only one of them completes her heart and soul.  It’s her family and friends who help her find out which one, and more importantly help her find herself through it all.  In The Island (Now and Forever 2) we get to find out exactly why Quinn chose Jacob in the first book. They truly did have a love that spanned many lifetimes. Once again, these star-crossed lovers are reunited because of the actions of their friends and family.


I am blessed to have such friends who I call my Heart and Soul Sisters.  The Celtic phrase “mo anam cara” can also be applied to them.  They are truly friends of my heart and soul.  Without them, I would never have made it through my separation and now divorce.  I would have never made it through the loss of my heart to the love from so long ago, if these five other women were not there for me.  They encouraged me to keep moving forward and never stop living and loving with all of my heart.  Because of them I was able to be open enough to find my soul mate and happily ever after.  I wrote a poem dedicated to these women that I want to share with you.  I hope that all of you have friends such as these in your life.


 Heart and Soul Sisters


Bound together by all but blood,

Two sets of three drawn together

After all of these years.

Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends…

Always supporting

Never to judge.

Loss of loved ones,

Empty nests,

We’ve helped each other through

Some of life’s hardest of tests.


Ups and downs.

Joys and fears.

Smiles and Frowns.

Laughter and tears.

Three by three we stand

Meeting each challenge hand and hand.


Fascinating women each and every one,

All on their own.

But together they are

An unstoppable force.

When one is in need

The others rally around

So they are never alone

But instead meet life’s challenges

Head on and full throttle

Which for these women is par for the course.


I am blessed to count myself

As part of this group of friends

I hold dear to my heart.

For without them,

I would have lost all hope

And fallen apart…

Whenever they’re in need

I will be there as I know

They will be for me.

For it’s now and forever

In my heart and soul

Will these sisters be.


©Tammy Dennings Maggy






Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Natasha!  I’ve had a wonderful time sharing my story of finding my happily ever after.  My wish for everyone is that they allow themselves to be open enough to find their own mo anam cara.  Who knows, they may be right there right in front of you the whole time!


Blessed Be

Release Date: November 15, 2012
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand
Category/Imprint: Siren Allure Erotic Romance, contemporary, fantasy with paranormal elements such as Guardian Angels. Also contains light bondage and explicit sexual content and language.
Series Name: Now and Forever
Word count: 49,774
After losing her brother in a fatal motorcycle accident, Quinn’s life spins out of control. Shutting herself off from friends and family in Michigan, she buries herself in her work, wishing for the pain to end. In her dreams she’s finally able to find the peace her heart craves on The Island.
Driven to recklessness over a heartbreaking betrayal, Jacob races his motorcycle on a rain slick California freeway. Near death in the hospital, he’s given a choice. Stay on The Island or go back for a second chance at love.
Destined to be together, but repeatedly torn apart, these two lost and melancholy people draw the attention of the Goddess Fate. As Quinn and Jacob’s lives hang in limbo, the soul mates are given a very special gift from the Gods, and the chance to finally have their love of a lifetime.

Thirteen Years Ago
The entire far wall of the mountainside chalet was covered with high-definition television screens. Modern technology fascinated The Three. They were able to keep track of their human creations using the very gadgets invented by them. Lucius in particular was fond of the wireless technology used in cell phones and personal computers. With a few swift clicks on the keyboard of his laptop, all the screens came to life with pictures of the people they were gathered to discuss.
Yeshua, the eldest of the Eternal Siblings, sat in a large, overstuffed easy chair taking in all the lives playing out on the screens before him. His deep-blue eyes scanned through everything in seconds, immediately recognizing the group as the favorites of his sister, Fate. Once again, she wished to plead their case and asked to be allowed to intervene to make sure their promised destinies would be fulfilled this lifetime. Yeshua had refused to let her do more than gently suggest options. Very rarely did he allow her to step in and directly guide the humans. This time, however, their younger brother was siding with Fate. “Lucius, I’m surprised you agree with our sister. You’ve been very active with this group lately, especially Quinn and Jacob. Why the change of heart? Doesn’t it amuse you to see them fail your tests?”
The tall, dark, brooding God of Trials and Tribulations rolled his amber eyes. “Must you always think so poorly of me? It’s not my fault these two haven’t chosen the correct paths that would keep them together, Yeshua. You create them. I test them, and Fate guides their destinies. Isn’t that what we agreed upon in the Beginning?”
Yeshua chuckled and held his brother’s gaze. Usually his features remained calm and serene, never giving his siblings a clue as to what he was thinking until he chose to fill them in. Tonight, however, he couldn’t stop the smile from forming on his lips. For once The Three were in agreement. “It is what we agreed to, but you still haven’t answered my questions. What is it about them?” Yeshua pointed at the screens frozen on Quinn’s and Jacob’s images. “Why are so many other destinies at risk because of their poor choices? Why not let them continue on until they finally get it right?”
The second eldest of The Three sighed. She had fought with both of them for so long about their creations, she wasn’t sure where to begin. “Through every life, Jacob and Quinn keep choosing paths leading away from each other. Their hearts are always restless because of this, calling out to each other and to me. Right now, Quinn is consumed with the loss of her brother and Jacob’s heart is broken, ready to give up on life altogether. If we don’t intervene this time and allow them to finally be together, the lives of the entire group of people on the screens before us will be altered forever.”
Yeshua raised his eyebrows. “Really? Forever? Aren’t you being just a bit melodramatic, dear sister? What about all of the others not before us now? Jacob and Quinn aren’t tied to any of them. I haven’t seen either one of you become so involved with any other humans and certainly not anything else we’ve created. We have rules for a reason, and each of us has our role to play. Lessons can only be learned if and when life paths are crossed. If they don’t cross paths with specific people in this life, they will not learn the lessons set before them and will have to try again in the next cycle. Should we make an exception simply because your heart feels sorry for them, Fate?”
Lucius raised his hands. “This is one time I agree with her, brother. There’s little more I can throw at them this time around to test their mettle, but if they keep choosing alternate life paths, my tests will continue. I don’t get pleasure out of their failures, you know. My job would be much easier if they’d just choose the right path in the first place.”
Yeshua smiled again. “So you concede there are some humans who are worthy of the blessings we bestow upon them?”
“Don’t get too excited, but yes. These two have been pushed to nearly breaking and still manage to keep going lifetime after lifetime. I think with just a few more twists here and there—”
Fate’s face reddened. “Lucius!”
“Only to ensure the paths of the other humans involved with them of course.” Lucius blew a kiss toward Fate.
Yeshua laughed outright. “Of course.” He nodded to Lucius to continue.
“After the little tests, they will be ready. Their destinies are interwoven with so many.” He raised a remote control and froze the action on the first screen. “Derek will not find his heart’s desire without Quinn entering into his life.” The second screen switched to another still picture. “Eric and Jillian won’t meet and fall in love as their destinies have foretold without both Jacob and Quinn encouraging them to do so.” The next three screens froze on the face of one man, Steve Eischer. “He will continue to bury himself in his work and lose his chance to find the family he’s never had.” As each screen froze in place on the face of another of the group, Lucius reviewed the destinies foretold for each of them. “And then there’s that sprite, Brigid.” Lucius smiled as her face came up on the last two screens. “I have to say she’s my favorite. Maybe it’s those silver eyes of hers.”
Yeshua chuckled and winked. “There’s no denying it. You’ve always been partial to the free spirits, Lucius. Very well. Both of you have been more than convincing.”
The Goddess Fate stood from her chair. “Does this mean I can call in the Guardians?”
The Creator nodded. “Gather them up, Sister.”
He said a silent prayer as he entered the room. Please, let this be a huge mistake. Jake can’t be the one here. It has to be someone else. Eric’s stomach churned and he struggled to keep down what little food he had eaten before he boarded the plane in Las Vegas. He had never seen his big brother look so small or helpless. The tears stung his eyes and blurred his vision a bit, but by sheer will alone, Eric held them back. It took several moments to comprehend the scene playing out in front of his eyes. The patient lying in the bed before him could’ve just as easily been a complete stranger, except for the long, light-brown hair. Eric would know that unruly mop anywhere. He stood frozen near the door, staring at the battered and broken body of his brother.
Jacob Hartley was wrapped head to toe in bandages, tubes, and wires. Machines surrounded the head of the hospital bed, whirling and beeping, keeping time with Jacob’s breathing and heartbeat. His face was barely recognizable, colored in various shades of black, blue, and purple. His eyes were hidden beneath severely swollen lids. Every now and then the respirator took over his breathing, just to give his body a little bit of rest. Oh my God! This can’t be happening. Eric approached the bed as his sister reached out for him. They clung to each other. Her body trembled against his, her fear coming off her in waves. He tried to continue to be strong for them both, but he was quickly losing the battle now that he was actually there.
Eric glanced around the room and found his mother, Katrina. She smiled as she stood up from the chair that was placed close to the bed. She was small in stature, but she looked ten feet tall to Eric as she walked toward Jacob. Katrina leaned over, kissed the one part of his stubbly chin not bandaged, and spoke softly near his ear. “Your whole family is here now, Jacob. I’m here, my son. Momma’s here. If you can’t come back to me, it’s okay. Your poppa’s there with you and he will show you the way.”
“Mom—Jake’s not going to die!” Maredyth’s red-rimmed eyes flashed with determination. “It’s not his time to go yet.” She reached for one of Jacob’s bandaged hands and clutched it tightly.
Eric knew he should try to hide his feelings from his sister, but he was struggling, really struggling to find even a spark of hope their brother would ever pull out of this. “Mare—”
“No! We can’t lose him, too. Pop’s been gone a year now. Are you telling me God would be so cruel to decide on a whim to take Jake away almost to the very day we lost our father?”
* * * *
“I’m right here my little girl. I won’t ever leave you. Jacob’s going to need all of us now. We have to convince your brother he has to fight his way back.” Michael Hartley approached the bed and looked down at his son, his middle child. “What were you thinking driving your bike at night during a storm, Jakey?”
“He wasn’t thinking clearly, Sarge. That’s the problem.”
Michael looked up at the blonde, heavily tattooed, and pierced young man leaning against the wall near the foot of the hospital bed. “You remind me a lot of him you know, full of piss and vinegar.” Michael chuckled softly to himself. “It looks like we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us here, Danny. Thank you for staying with him after the accident and dulling his pain.”
Daniel Quartermarsh moved to Jacob’s bedside. He nodded slowly and looked up at his partner. “I did what I could as soon as Fate let me go to him.”
“I know you did. I expected nothing less than if I was allowed to be there with you. It’s just hard to see one of my children in this state and not be able to fix it like I could when he was little.”
The younger angel smiled. “Don’t worry. We have a lot of ground to cover with him, and I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunity for you to work your magic, Sarge. If Fate didn’t think we could handle it, she wouldn’t have entrusted Jake and the rest of them to us. Speaking of the others, I just checked in on Quinn. She’s throwing herself into her work again, but handling things okay for now. I left this world not even a month ago, and she’s not allowed herself to grieve for me.” He glanced down at the very battered and broken man in the bed. “Your Jake’s our priority this visit. Once we get him to The Island, we can work on getting Quinn there, too.”
Michael reached out and folded his arms around his wife. Katrina looked as beautiful to him at that moment as she did on the day they first met. He wished he could really hold her now, so she could physically lean on him during this horrible time with their son. Katrina took a deep breath and smiled. Michael knew she felt his presence with them, as always. “Your poppa’s here with us, Maredyth.”
Eric and Maredyth looked at each other and then back to Katrina with their eyes wide. Eric put his arm around his sister before addressing his mother. “I sure hope so, Ma. All of us could use him right about now.” Maredyth buried her face into Eric’s shoulder as he held her tight.
Daniel added his own angelic light and love to that already surrounding the Hartley family and smiled. “I bet the two of you visited each other’s dreams while you were alive, too.”
Michael kept his arms around his wife of over forty years and nodded. “Now and forever. I promised her I would never leave her, no matter what. Not even death can keep me from her and our children.” The elder angel sighed and his eyes filled with tears. “Jake has always been the free spirit of the family. I never worried he wouldn’t discover his path eventually. But now?” Michael shrugged and shook his head. “How did my son’s life get so out of control so fast?”

About the Author


As far back as I can remember I have had two dreams: become a veterinarian and a world-famous author. So far I achieved the first one and have enjoyed a wonderful career as a small-animal veterinarian. But something has always been missing. I’ve never stopped writing; that has never been an issue. The problem was getting up the nerve to actually finish one of my novels and submit it to a publisher. What a scary thought to send a stranger something I had poured my heart into. Would they like it? Would they see the characters the way I saw them in my head? Writing For the Love of Quinn was like giving birth to my first child. I had to let my characters go to see if they would take off, and boy have they ever!

Jacob and Quinn’s story is far from over. They’ll pop in from time to time to check in with their friends and family in the next books in the Now and Forever series. They got their happily ever after, and now it’s time for the others to find theirs, too!

Having grown up in Michigan and now living in Northern California, I have had the privilege to experience life in a small town and a big city. Everyone who I’ve met along the way has influenced my writing in one way or another. Their experiences as well as my own help make up the characters that I hold near and dear to my heart. Helping them find the loves of their lives as well as fulfilling a few fantasies along the way is just frosting on the cake!


Where to Find Tammy


Check out Now and Forever, Book One, For The Love of Quinn, click here for Tammy Dennings Maggy's previous interview on my blog.





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